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Foxhole: Preseason injuries


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Jon Beason - knee. C.J. Davis - ankle. Thomas Davis - knee, limited. Charles Godfrey - hand. Lonnie Harvey - back cramps. Landon Johnson - groin, limited. Nate Salley - knee. Jonathan Stewart - foot. Travelle Wharton - excused for personal reasons. DeAngelo Williams - knee.

On what is wrong with running back DeAngelo Williams' knee: Nothing serious, just sore so we held him out.

On how long Williams will be out: Day-to-day.

On wide receiver/kick returner Ryne Robinson's preseason: Some good, some bad. Each game you get a new opportunity. I thought offensively he did O.K. last week. Obviously in the kicking game one error was costly. Again, they play the game and you make mistakes. We'll take another look at him this week.

On what happened on the punt Robinson fumbled: He was going to field it and then decided not to and shouldn't have decided to field it.

On if there have been more injuries this preseason than others: Any time you are in the preseason and you play games and you have injuries, it knocks down your depth chart. When your first two starting receivers are out, your starters are your seconds and when you don't have a lot to start with you get down there pretty quick. It's part of the preseason; it's part of football; and, hopefully, we'll get all of our injuries out of the way now.

On the development of safety Quinton Teal: He's done a great job. He's been a role player. He's played roles on defense, primarily in our sub packages. But on special teams he's done well. It's a good opportunity for him to get reps playing. It's an opportunity for him to show what he can do.

On rookie running back Mike Goodson's progress: He's made excellent progress. That first game he had some ball security problems. I thought he cleaned that up this last week. He's a guy that's explosive with the ball in his hands and I think he's learning our system.

On if Goodson could be more than just a situational player: Yeah. I think he's shown that. He does add some juice; he does have good explosiveness. Any time you've got a guy back there like that they can be a factor.

On the Baltimore Ravens being a good test in the third preseason game when the starters typically play the most: Yeah. Everybody we've played thus far I believe was in the playoffs (last year). These guys went as far as the championship game. They are a good football, have a young quarterback that's improving - I think it's an excellent test.

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