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Foxhole: Progress report


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's morning training camp practice.

On injuries: C.J. Davis - ankle. Thomas Davis - knee. Landon Johnson - groin. Nate Salley - knee. Jonathan Stewart - foot. Mike Goodson got a leg bruise, and Steve Smith tweaked his shoulder a little bit. It's not a setback or anything like that. It just hurt a little bit, and we rested him.

On his thoughts about the Panthers' first preseason game after watching the tape: We worked through it and made the corrections. We're on a short week, so all our focus is moving forward to Miami.

On rookie quarterback Hunter Cantwell: He's a guy that we thought has shown promise in the offseason. He was a guy that was a college free agent that has got some good skills as far as arm strength, being able to make the throws and size. I think he has taken to our system pretty well and made some good throws under pressure the other night.

On the improvement tight end Gary Barnidge has made to earn a start against the Giants: He's obviously got some skills as far as receiving wise, and I think his blocking has improved. His comfort level in our system has improved. He was a guy that showed promise a year ago that I think has gotten better.

On if what the Panthers are trying to do at tight end changes with Barnidge in the game: It's not so much change. Jeff (King) is still a good player. He's definitely going to fit in to what we do. But I think what Gary has done has been a little bit more of a pass threat thus far. But we've still got three preseason games and a lot of work to do, and we'll see how that shakes out as we move forward.

On how much more the team will game plan for the second preseason game compared to the first: None really. We don't really start game planning until (games) three and four. The issue with four is, typically, we don't play our starters very much. We'll do a little bit more as we go along. We've still got a lot of installation left, so we're still in that mode and we're on a short week.

On the competition for the fourth wide receiver: We've played one game. I thought Kenny Moore made a couple of nice plays. Dwayne Jarrett didn't get many opportunities. Of course, Steve Smith didn't play. We've got some young guys there that we are still sorting through.

On how wide receiver Kenneth Moore played against the Giants: Very well. I thought he made a couple good plays. I think he's shown good improvement from a year ago.

On linebacker Jeremy Leman: He's a tough guy. He likes to play the game. He plays it with the right attitude. I thought in game situations he played downhill and was very physical, so I liked what I saw.

On the progress of the team after one preseason game: It's kind of typical of your first game. We haven't played football in seven months. The first time out there are some learning experiences. I think once you get it on tape, once guys get a chance to feel it for the first time in awhile, they get better as we progress. I thought there were some good things and bad, like most games, and we'll, hopefully, learn from the bad and continue with the good.

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