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Foxhole: QB or not QB


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On injuries: Did not participate: Jake Delhomme - right finger, Dwayne Jarrett - ankle, Charles Johnson - pectoral, Muhsin Muhammad - knee, Captain Munnerlyn - concussion, Tank Tyler - knee, and DeAngelo Williams - ankle. Full participation: Mackenzy Bernadeau - knee, Na'il Diggs - ribs, Brad Hoover - ankle, and Jonathan Stewart - Achilles.

On how having so many offensive skill-position players injured would affect Matt Moore if he has to start at quarterback: All you ask for is an opportunity, and I know if Matt gets that opportunity he'll make the best of it and he'll do just fine.

On when we will know who will start at quarterback against Tampa Bay: Probably when they trot out of the tunnel on Sunday.

On running back DeAngelo Williams missing two consecutive days of practice with an ankle injury: The running back position takes its wear and tear on the body. Right now, medically, they felt like he was best getting treatment today. So there is always tomorrow.

On if he is hopeful that Williams will be able to practice on Friday: I'd be hopeful he'd be able to go Sunday for sure and anything before that I'd be happy with, too.

On what players miss by not practicing: I'm a firm believer it helps to be out there in practice; otherwise, we wouldn't go through the exercise of practice. But with a guy that's been in the system - like Jonathan (Stewart), like DeAngelo (Williams) - has had countless reps at the plays - we don't invent new plays every week, just different wrinkles. But I'd prefer they be out here. I'm sure they'd prefer to be out here. But at the end of the day they're still in meetings; they still know the game plan; they're on top of what they need to know to execute the game plan.

On if it is easier for a running back to play and not practice than any other position: I don't think it's easy for anybody. It's just a necessary evil when your body is banged up.

On if he is comfortable with the new guidelines issued by the NFL on handling concussions: Those are things mandated by the league, and we have 32 teams in the league and they all have to abide by it. I can say that I've been very impressed and pleased with the handling of all injuries by our medical people, so I don't see it being a new problem or anything of that nature.

On if it is hard convincing a player, who wants to play, not to play when he has a concussion or other injury: You have young people that love this game. It would be like a kid driving without a seat belt. They might do it but they really shouldn't. Sometimes you need people to guide you. The medical people in this league, whatever team, those are things that you have to protect people with. There is no question it's not easy. There's not an easy way to do it, whether a guy can play or not. Whether it's a concussion or an ankle or a knee (injury), at the end of the day we want what's in their best interest, which would make sense.

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