Foxhole: Situations


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's training camp practice.

On injuries: C.J. Davis - ankle. Thomas Davis - knee. Landon Johnson - groin. Nate Salley - knee. Jonathan Stewart - ankle.

On working on game-situation drills: We started introducing a lot of that stuff to encourage the guys thinking on the sideline and being alert. It was our first taste of some of the real technical things, but we'll continue that as we move forward.

On the play where kicker John Kasay runs up to the line of scrimmage and spikes the ball: It's a situation where it's a third-and-long, you have no timeouts and usually there are 22 to 24 seconds left. You're not really sure whether you have the first down or not and you've already sent the field goal team out there and you're getting kind of low on time. If it is a first down, then you can kill it versus rushing to kick it. That's that one. There are those that are real evident you get a first down, your offense stays on the field and they just go up and kill it if you are down two or need a field goal to win. But just in case all of a sudden you get up there and the line judge or somebody comes up and says, "First down," and you're sitting there and you don't want to rush your field goal, you've got downs now, so you just kill it and you have time left.

On that play being far down in the playbook: I've seen it I happen and I've seen people mess it up.

On using the next-to-last practice before the first preseason game to work on game situations: We've got all kinds of different things scheduled as far as uniforms and whatnot, but we had work to do. We have installation still going in, so we went shorts to freshen them up a little bit but we still got work done.

On if it will be necessary to bring in a veteran defensive lineman at some point: We can bring in somebody, but the problem is you want to improve your team whoever you bring in. When that guy arrives or that guy shows up, we'll entertain that. Right now, we're working very hard with the guys we have. We'll see kind of where we are (against New York) and go from there.

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