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Foxhole: Spirited practice


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's training camp practice.

On injuries: C.J. Davis - ankle. Thomas Davis - knee. Na'il Diggs - team decision. Landon Johnson - groin. Nate Salley - knee. Steve Smith - bruised shoulder. Jonathan Stewart - ankle.

On the spirited practice: Very good. I complimented them. I thought it was our best practice to date.

On what made the practice so good: We're learning how to compete and learning how to push each other and do it as respectfully as possible, so we all get better.

On the offense getting upset at the defense for trying to rip the ball out at the end of every play: It's competitive. It's a combative game, it's competitive and we're trying to develop habits on both sides of the ball. Number one, take the ball out defensively and hold on to it on offense.

On the young wide receivers getting more reps with Steve Smith injured: We've got to develop some young guys there. We've got two proven guys in Steve Smith and Moose (Muhsin Muhammad). We've got young guys - Dwayne Jarrett, Kenny (Moore), Ryne Robinson, the whole list - and we're going to find out in those preseason games who sticks themselves out there.

On if he would like for Smith to play during the preseason: It's like whether we're going to scrimmage on Saturday or who's playing when. A lot that just changes; it's day-to-day. I don't like looking that far ahead and committing to it, because I really don't know what it will bring. But I'm sure he'll be ready at some point in the preseason. Whether we play him or not, I don't know that yet.

On if he's optimistic that Smith will be ready for the regular-season opener: He's day-to-day. He's not week-to-week or out for the season or anything like that.

On if he would be concerned if Smith did not play during the preseason: I like guys playing; I like them being out there. He's missed preseason before, parts of it, so I'm not freaked out by it. I just want to get him healthy. I don't like anybody on the sideline. I like everybody healthy.

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