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Foxhole: Team building


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's summer school practice.

On how the team's golf tournament after practice on Wednesday went: It was very good. It was very interesting. We had a variety of different talent level of players from real good to really not so good. But it was good. We are looking at some ways to even make it better next year.

On why he holds team-building functions like golf and bowling tournaments during summer school: It's just team building, getting guys doing something that they may or may not be comfortable with. We try to do something just with the guys. There are no sponsors out there. It's just the team, the staff, equipment guys, trainers, so we get a wide variety of guys that spend a lot of time together. It's been good.

On his assessment of the team halfway through summer school: I like our guys. I think we've got a good group. They are not afraid to work; they're enthusiastic. Whenever you've got those two combinations you've got a chance

On tight end Gary Barnidge: Gary's a guy that we obviously thought well enough of and drafted him a year ago. This game is like any job, the more you do it the better you get. He's worked very hard this offseason and he's looking good right now in these sessions.

On if he expects tight end Dante Rosario, who had back surgery in May, to be ready for training camp: Yeah. He's on target. We've had no setbacks, knock on wood, but so far so good.

On why linebacker Thomas Davis did not practice this week: He's excused for personal reasons.

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