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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Team captains


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On roster moves: We added a new player to the practice squad, Charly Martin, most recently in San Diego's camp.

On injuries: Everybody practiced today. We had one limited player in Chris Harris (leg).

On how running back Jonathan Stewart and Jon Beason looked: They both looked really good. They were good to finally have back. That was the plan, and I thought they had a good day's work.

On if there are any concerns with Beason returning too soon: As with all injuries, you'd like guys to be out there every day, but in the National Football League it doesn't work out that way all the time. I liked what I saw today though, and he's healthy - that's the biggest thing.

On Stewart being held out of practice for a month: We just didn't want it to be a month during the regular season. The good news is it was a month during the preseason. That was the plan, and if we had our druthers that is the way we'd prefer it.

On if rest was the best treatment for Stewart's injury: Yeah. That was what our medical people said and that was the approach we took. I thought they handled it right, and he was out practicing today.

On what kind of shape Stewart is in: Any time you have an injury there are all kinds of ways to condition. He's been conditioning. Conditioning really wasn't a factor.

On if he is worried about Stewart not taking any contact in a preseason game: As I mentioned before, you'd prefer them to be out here. But we've played guys with one day's practice; we've played guys that didn't get healthy until the regular season. I think if they had their druthers or if we did as coaches, we'd like them out here every day, but sometimes that's not the way it goes.

On team captains: Offense - Jake Delhomme and Jordan Gross. Defense - Jon Beason and Julius Peppers. Special Teams - John Kasay.

On the role the captains play: Most all those guys are veteran guys that our young players identify (with) very early. They are the kind of player that is interested in doing things right like a pro but also bringing along a few other guys with them. That's something that we stress, and it's their vote - the players voted for these captains.

On what is says about defensive end Julius Peppers to be voted captain considering his offseason: Everybody has different offseasons. I think Julius has earned that respect here both as a player and as a guy. I think his teammates know him a lot better than maybe the media does. I think it says a lot about who he really is when your teammates vote you a captain.

On his emotions going into the regular-season opener: Opening day in the NFL is always exciting. Everybody is 0-0. For the fans, for the teams, for the coaches - everybody involved - the excitement is something new. It's like getting a new car. I think everybody turns it up a notch and there's a little bit higher level of urgency.

On the Philadelphia Eagles: They are a very good football team. If you look down our schedule, there are no cupcakes and definitely not this week. They were a playoff team a year ago. Like I said before, everybody is 0-0 now. But they look to be a very talented team; they are a very well coached team. It will be a stiff test for us.

On the decision to sign defensive tackle George Hypolite to the practice squad instead of defensive tackle Marlon Favorite: I don't like to go over our evaluation, but I think that's kind of the facts.

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