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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Thomas adds experience


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On defensive tackle Hollis Thomas: Hollis is a veteran guy that we knew a lot about. I actually met with him last year in my office for quite some time. He is a guy we are familiar with, and we need some veteran help there.

On if the Panthers considered signing Thomas last year: I just met with him. It was a consideration. We meet with a lot of guys. So I was familiar with him, and we had the opportunity to get him, and here he is.

On what he expects Thomas to add to the team: He's got a lot of experience. I think right now we're young there, and he'll help us in that department. He's played the game at this level for some time. A lot of this is how to play, and we think he'll help us immensely in that area.

On the development of third-year tight end Dante Rosario: Last year he had that big catch on the last play of the San Diego game. He became less involved as the season went on but he gained that experience. So far this year we've kind of featured him some, and he's come through for us. Hopefully, that continues.

On what Rosario has improved on from last year to this year: There is a lot to your job description as a tight end - you're a blocker, you're a pass catcher, you're a pass protector. So there are a lot of different skills that have to be involved, and I think he's just gotten more dependable in those areas.

On if Rosario is able to stretch the field as a receiver: Yeah. He's got pass-receiving skills; he's got athletic ability. To succeed in this league, though, there is more to it than that. Everybody has got athletic ability, so the separation becomes mental and skill set.

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