Foxhole: Timing of bye good

Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.

On if practice takes on a different tone during the bye week: Not really. We don't go in pads. We've got to freshen them up. This is the only break we get throughout the year. I think right now it comes at a good point from the standpoint of getting some guys healthy. Obviously, we are better out there when we're fully equipped. So that gives us an opportunity to do that as well as we've got some inexperience on that side of the ball, in particularly where it relates to the passing game and gives us an opportunity to get some more practice reps.

On what he can do to keep the players' spirits up: I think it's pretty simple. I don't think anybody is happy. We're all 0-5. I'm an 0-5 head coach; they're 0-5 assistant coaches as well as 0-5 players. That's the reality of it. But you can be enthusiastic; you can have a smile on your face; you can work hard. I'm not going to try to sugarcoat it and say anybody is happy, but we sure can be enthusiastic about getting better.

On if he wants the players to get away for a few days and not worry about being 0-5 or hopes the record sinks in and makes them salty after the bye: Probably all of the above. Nobody comes and rescues you in this league. There is not going to be a magic formula or a magic play call. We've just got to execute better and play better as a football team.

On if anything jumped out at him after reviewing the video of the game against the Chicago Bears: We're just not executing as well from jumping offside to dropped balls, missed passes, guys lined up wrong. We're just not executing as well as you need to in the National Football League. I think the talent is there, experience maybe not. We've got an extra week here to try and get better.

On if regrets the decision to not sign a veteran wide receiver: Those all aren't my decisions. Like I said, we've got what we've got. But it's where we are, and we coach who we've got and try to get them better and, hopefully, get the results we want.

On if it is tough getting the desired results with such young players at wide receiver: This league is tough. It's what it is. You've got the best at what they do in the world, and that's what you compete against every Sunday. I'd like to think that it's tough.

On his impressions of newly acquired wide receiver Devin Thomas: I saw him in one practice today. I've seen plenty of him on tape, both coming out of college as well as with the Redskins. I thought he had a good first day.

On what Thomas could add to team: I hope he helps improve our passing game. We brought in David Clowney a week ago; he played 20-some plays on three days practice, and I'm sure he'll get better. That's really what every team in this league is trying to do right now - get better. Unfortunately, we're at 0-5 and all our signatures are on it, and as I told the team, "We've got nowhere to go but up."

On if he has decided who will start at quarterback against the San Francisco 49ers: Not much changed since Monday.

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