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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: Waiting to see who's next

Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's practice.



On if there is a reasonable expectation that the injured players who did not practice this week will be back next week:** We've gotten probably a lot of good rest for them this week and we haven't pushed them too hard. They still have tomorrow and Sunday and we'll form back up on Monday. I anticipate that they'll be a lot healthier then than they are now.

On if the week of practice was beneficial: Yeah. I thought we had some good, zippy work, so we keep our timing and everything as far as football related. We got some guys, hopefully, stronger and faster during the week with some good lifts, and we got some guys that needed the rest the rest.

On if the coaches will get a couple of days off like the players: We'll take tomorrow and Sunday off. I think there are some important games to watch, and a lot of guys will be watching those. I've encouraged the players to watch those and stay focused on football. We know it's going to be one of three opponents and we've faced all three of them - one of them twice. It will be good familiarity there, and we'll kind of see how the games unfold this weekend.

On the benefit of having played the potential opponent during the regular season and being able to look back at old game plans: We lost to one (Minnesota), we lost to one once and won one once (Atlanta), and then we won the other game (Arizona). It's beneficial for both teams. They've got their old game plans, too. I think the fact that we don't know who we're playing yet might be a little beneficial, but when we get into the game plan they're going to be as familiar with us as we are with them.

On if he will watch the games this weekend as a fan or coach: Both. I know we'll get the game tape or the coach's tape on Monday, but it gives you a little bit of insight. You can see a little bit from the TV copy. We don't get to look at those very much but you get a little bit from it. Probably a combination of both.

On if he takes notes while he's watching a game: No.

On quarterback Jake Delhomme's success in the playoffs: I've said this many times, I think when Jake's been in the game, whether it's playoffs or regular season, we've had better opportunities and I think that record speaks for itself. Unfortunately, we went for a stretch there where we didn't have him 16 out of 20 (games), which is no day at the beach. I think it's fairly obvious that I'm happy he's in there, whether it's regular season or playoffs.

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