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Carolina Panthers

Foxhole: WR Martin breaks finger


Comments from Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox following the team's morning training camp practice.

On injuries: We did get Jamar Williams back out there today; he practiced. Charly Martin broke his finger (yesterday), and he had surgery this morning. He'll be week-to-week.

On the cool weather and rain during the middle of practice: I told the guys I ordered it up just perfect, because we had two real hot days. Then (general manager) Marty (Hurney) has this new machine down here that can control the weather and made it nice, about 82 degrees this morning.

On having Carolina Panthers Owner/Founder Jerry Richardson at practice: It's great. The guys love seeing him. We enjoy it. Luckily, Steve Smith had him in the right areas of the field, so we didn't get him hurt. It's always good to see him, and the players, I know, enjoy it.

On the competition at practice: We picked up our pressures a little bit to test out our offense and be assignment sound on defense. We're adding something different every day, typical in camp this time of year. The guys handled it good, they're working hard, and we still have a lot of learning to do.

On the quarterback competition: I like it; I like competition everywhere. Matt Moore has had an outstanding camp, and we're getting to know the other guys a little bit better every day. Those guys are working hard, and (quarterbacks) Coach Scherer is doing a great job getting them ready.

On running back DeAngelo Williams working on the little things: He's a true pro. He goes about his business; he works hard; he does it very enthusiastically; and he's a heck of a player. I've seen him grow this year more as a pass receiver. I think that's part of his maturity and something he's worked very hard on this offseason and I'm seeing it here at camp.

On the progress of rookie wide receiver Brandon LaFell: Good. I've been impressed with him. He definitely belongs. He's a good football player that's learning our system and learning it very quickly.

On wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett: He's made a couple of nice grabs. He's got a big body. He does have good hands. He came on for us at the end of last season, and that's carried over to this camp.

On the team's young wide receivers: Brandon LaFell and David Gettis are both improving every day. They've got good skill sets - size, speed and quickness. Again, they're just learning but they've looked very good so far.

On defensive line coach Brian Baker: Brian is an excellent coach. He pushes them hard. They work very hard. We're still very early in camp and we've got a lot of new faces, but those guys definitely work hard and he works them hard and they'll be technique sound. It's still a little too early to say other than the guys we already know about, but they are coming around.

On the challenge for a coach when there are so many new faces: It's part of coaching. They're getting to know you; you're getting to know them, figuring out what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to best utilize them. That's true at every position, and I think Brian is outstanding doing that with the defensive line.

On the depth in the secondary: We've stayed healthy so far, knock on wood. We've got a good, young secondary, and some guys are going to have to step up. Sherrod Martin was a guy that when he stepped in last year did an excellent job, so we are going to be leaning on him a little bit more as a possible starter there. Jordan Pugh is a draft pick that has picked things up pretty quickly. We picked up a couple of guys - Marcus Hudson and (Aaron) Francisco - in the offseason and so far those guys are working very hard.

On safety Aaron Francisco's physical play: He's earned his stripes in this league as a special teamer, and we want to improve in that area as well as the safety position.

On linebacker Dan Connor: He's a good football player. He's played a lot of football for us. He hasn't had the opportunity to start a whole lot to this point. But it's all part of the growing process. You put more on their plate, and he's handled it well.

On having such a young football team: This game is a young man's game. There is transition, there is change every season. With both free agency and the draft there is going to be change, and we kind of hit it that way this year.

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