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Funchess and Thompson team up for Thanksgiving feast


CHARLOTTE – Panthers without plans for a Thanksgiving meal would be wise to check in with wide receiver Devin Funchess and linebacker Shaq Thompson.

"We're gonna make sure we eat good," Funchess said. "Me and Shaq have to figure it all out and see who is going to make what."

The two third-year players are planning to host "a couple" teammates for a Thanksgiving gathering following Thursday's practice. Defensive end Efe Obada, who hails from London, is among those expected to be there for the Funchess-Thompson production.

"I can cook a little bit. I don't know about Shaq. We're going to see," Funchess said. "We had nachos one day and that was good."

Nachos on Thanksgiving? Sure, why not.

Thompson just wants to make sure Funchess serves up his trademark dish.

"You know, me and Funchess are big ham guys," Thompson said. "We'll throw down some macaroni, some baked beans, some green beans.

"And Funch is going to make his famous lamb chops. Gotta have Funch's lamb chops."

As for dessert, Funchess and Thompson admittedly need some help in the baking department.

"We ain't gonna bake no pie or nothing," Thompson said, "but we'll probably go to the store and grab one."

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