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Carolina Panthers

Game Quotes: Panthers at Steelers


On newly-acquired wide receiver Kevin Norwood: "We were hoping to get him in a little bit sooner in the second quarter but things were moving very nicely. When we didn't get the first down, the fourth-down conversion, he was getting ready to go in. When we got the ball back, we put him in anyways. He learned an awful lot. He was able to run the team in a drill. Kevin Norwood did some really nice things that showed very nicely today."

On the play of rookie wide receiver Devin Funchess: "We're very pleased with what he did. We had a plan for him coming in. We wanted to get him all the way through the first quarter and the first half and have him come out for the first series of the second half. I think he got enough reps."

On the play of offensive linemen Mike Remmers and Chris Scott: "Remmers looked very nice. I'm very pleased with what he got. He had limited reps as well, but Chris Scott did a nice job for us coming in and playing extended time."

On the upcoming roster decisions: "We will watch the tapes, talk about the players. Then we'll have to make some decisions, which will be hard. A lot of guys have played well. A lot of guys have done some nice things for us. We'll see exactly where we are and what we're going to do once we get a chance to visit as coaches."

On which position groups will make the roster decisions especially difficult: "Running back. Wide receiver. Those guys really played well. There is depth at linebacker. There are a whole group of guys that are playing really well. A big consideration will be what we do with special teams as well. A lot of guys that played extended reps today had to play on special teams. We're going to see exactly how guys did with us."

Quarterback Derek Anderson

On his role as a backup quarterback with the Panthers: "Ultimately it's about the team and the players. My family likes it here. It is not about chasing more money or anything like that. It's about being on a team that wins football games...I like the situation that we have here. My wife is happy here, and I'm happy with the guys in the locker room, coaches, everybody here. I would not want to chase something and get into a situation that is not ideal, not knowing the people I'm working with."

Safety Kurt Coleman

On his overall performance this preseason: "The great thing is every game I felt like I was working on something new. The first week just getting my feet wet getting everything going, and I really felt that some transitions running through tackles. I really felt like I was making an impact on defense. This week I really did not get much action but I was in the right spot, really just doing my job perfecting my craft. As a whole I felt like I really was making strides every single week. Going into the season I am really excited for what we have, the packages we can throw in. We just really have some good guys on the backend and this defense as a whole." 

Fullback Mike Tolbert

On the chemistry among the players on offense: "It is something that we did last year, we really got going. It takes time to get to know each other's habits, to know who likes certain routes, so it takes time to build that chemistry, but we are doing pretty well right now. "

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