Game quotes: Panthers vs. Dolphins


On the team's performance: "We have to take advantage of the opportunities, we have to take full advantage of the field position we create and we have to score points. We didn't do that with the first unit. We have to stop the opponent when they get down in the Red Zone and force field goals and we didn't do that as well...The positive is that it's all fixable things. It's all things that we can work on and all things that we are going to work to improve on."

On the performance of the young wide receivers: "Brenton Bersin, Jarrett Boykin, Mike Brown and Damiere Byrd, they took advantage and made some things happen. Not just running routes and catching balls, but some of those guys blocked really nicely and did some good things too."

On increased snaps for DE Kony Ealy: "What we do with our defensive line is we move around. One thing with Kony, we feel is really strong at, especially in third down situations, is the defensive tackle position, especially from the right side and so we moved him to that spot. He did it last year for us. He has been doing it in camp and he has had a lot of success."


On the performance of the first-team offense: "We just have to get on a roll. We have to start faster. We can't have the first drive be three and out and then come out and have another three and out. We have to be able to start faster. We had a positive drive going but when we got inside the five or inside the ten; you have to find a way to get it into the end zone."

On the second and third-team play: "To see the second team offense as well as to see Joe Webb lead those guys, that is another positive that we could take from the game but more importantly, what you love to see from this team is we find a way to win these football games and create a winning atmosphere. It was ugly in the beginning, but in the end we found ways offensively, defensively, as well as special teams combined to get a much needed win." Thoughts on facing Miami after practicing against them this week:"I think it was more helpful than anything. I hope we get another opportunity to do it next season. It was just good to get different looks from different guys. We said day-to-day, going through the same thing, waking up, seeing the same coverages, seeing the same personnel, and for us to change the whole scenery and bring somebody else in that is necessarily competitive, a professional competitiveness. Guys were respecting each others' careers, but yet getting better. For us to come out here and get a win, I think it helped us with those practices."

On what he wants to see between now and the game next week against New England: "We've just got to start faster. Offensively we do get in our grooves and it's fun to watch and it's fun to be a part of, but we've just got to find ways to execute better. Whether it's myself or the offensive line, what have you, there is no need for me to point or have somebody else point fingers. We know what we've got to do. We're going to come back tomorrow or Monday and watch the film and we're just going to get better. There's no need to sulk over a win, because we did win. We've just got to have more efficient play from the first group."

On his protection against two good defensive lines in Buffalo and Miami: "It's been great. I can't thank those guys enough. (Ryan) Kalil does so much keeping me in the groove of just playing fast rather than having to think about the protections. Mike, well both Mikes, Mike Remmers and Mike Oher, Trai (Turner) and Andrew (Norwell), those guys have been battling their tails off, as well as throughout this whole week. They had a pretty good practice with the dominant defensive line with Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh and those guys and it was a good test for us and for us to not give up a sack today with the first bunch is pretty good."

Thoughts on how consecutive come-from-behind wins help the team: "It's just great. We've just got to create that winning atmosphere. It doesn't matter how we're playing, it doesn't matter how the other team is playing. If we can get it in our head or get it in the whole franchise that we're just trying to find ways to win football games. Technique goes out the window, philosophy goes out the window, game planning goes out the window. At the end of the day when the clock strikes zero with a four on the top, we have to make sure we're in the lead. Today, the good guys won."


On his preseason debut: "It's been exciting just to be out there and really just to be out there with my team. Just fly around and I've been practicing and now I get to go out there and play in a game."

On his pass breakup against Dolphins TE Jordan Cameron: "He came off slow, so I thought I was thinking a little too much, thought he was going to come inside. He started bursting off, so I was like, 'It's time to go.' I turned back for the ball and played the hand."

On the defensive performance in the first quarter: "We're just out there to identify ourselves, make a name for our 'D'. Just keep improving and getting better."


On his injury: "It was a play action pass toward me, and when I was backing up I guess I must have stepped on it wrong. It just felt like it exploded, it just popped."

Thoughts on his preseason play: "Yeah, I mean I only had four plays because it (his injury) happened on the fourth play of the game. I feel like I was on the right track to do some big things this game. It's been a year since I actually played, because the last time I played was this time last year. So the first game was getting my legs back under me and getting back to the speed of football. Last game I only played one in Atlanta. I feel like I was on the right track, but you know I'm going to bounce back from this. I'm not going to give up on myself, I'm going to work hard every day to get back right."


On the offensive performance: "It was a great job by the offense. The O-line did a great job holding up. Receivers did great at getting open. Everybody was just doing their job and making plays."

On his role with the team:"Right now I'm just playing my role with the Panthers. Backup quarterback, receiver, special teams, whatever it may be. When that time comes I'll take full advantage of that opportunity but for right now I'm just focusing on playing my role and trying to get better each day."

On the play of WR Mike Brown:"Mike was a former quarterback so he has that quarterback mindset. He does a great job at finding the holes in the defense and can read the defense very well. He has great hands, great speed, and runs great routes so Mike Brown really brings a lot to the table."

On rookie RB Brandon Wegher:"He has great vision. That's one thing he has. Whenever he gets the ball he can make something happen. He has great vision, great speed and he can break tackles. He does a good job of catching the ball if I have to throw him a check down so he's a really good player."


On his interception: "It's kind of ironic how it happened. We were getting ready for a two minute drill at the end of the half and coach Wilks was talking to all the DBs getting us prepared for everything with the script and the last thing he said to me before I went out onto the field was 'if were in cover four expect that comeback or that out' and just taking the coaching and seeing the progression and he always tells us that the formation talks to us. So seeing what they were giving us, I just played my keys and played my techniques and just trusted what we have been taught and made a play on the ball."


Thoughts on facing Miami after practicing against them this week:"I think there is a little familiarity just with practicing against them, just going up against guys over and over again in practice. I think for the most part, they tried to get the pass game going and we were able to generate a good amount of pressure, but there is still a lot more work that we could have done out there, a lot of sacks we left on the field."

On how it feels to be 2-0 in the preseason: "It's great just having back-to-back weeks where we didn't quit. We just fought through it all and were able to put ourselves in position to score and close out the game. It's a great feeling. First team, second team, third team, it doesn't matter. A win is a win."

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