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Game Quotes: Panthers vs. Eagles


On the team's historical performance through six games: "We won a good football game. We played hard today. I thought the guys were resilient. We made some mistakes and we were able to sustain it. I thought the defense bowed its neck when we needed them to and force a couple field goals that really played to our advantage. I've got to give them credit. They play hard. They play fast and they made some plays as well. I thought it was a really good football game."

On Cam Newton's play vs. Eagles: "I thought it was good with the exception of trying to force the one to the sideline. A couple of those things were not his fault and it's unfortunate but the one to the sideline is probably the one I know everybody wishes he had back, the one just before halftime. I thought he did some good things, made some good decisions and put us in some good plays. That's what we need him to do. I just think it is unfortunate he had two tipped balls that were intercepted. Again, it's hard to put that on him."

On the franchise's first 6-0 start: "It's great. The guys are playing well as a unit and as a team and I think the big thing that we need to do is focus on each game, one game at a time. As far as I am concerned it's a one-game season. You focus in on who you play next and that to me is important. They guys are going to get an opportunity to enjoy it for the next couple days and then we will come back and get back to work on Wednesday and start getting ready for Indianapolis."

On the atmosphere at Bank of America Stadium: "The atmosphere has been outstanding. That's the one thing that has been great. I really do appreciate how our fans have come out and gotten behind us. I've been very fortunate in that I've been here in the situation where they have been terrific. We needed them tonight and they came out in full force, got it going. There were a couple times that they raised us up and got us going."

On the pass rush and Kawann Short's performance: "I think what is happening right now is we are getting some really good inside push but I think the addition of Jared Allen, Ryan Delaire, Kony Ealy, Mario Addison and Wes Horton, the outside coming around those edges and flying by those quarterbacks, forcing them to step up, I think it helps Kawann and vice versa. I think Kawann is getting that kind of push and then you start seeing Jared, Ryan and Mario and those guys start pressuring the quarterbacks. I mean there are some really good things our guys are doing I think right now."


On Tolbert's touchdown catch and whether or not it epitomizes this team: "He did a great job. Of course, he got hit pretty good, but Tolbert, that is one of his assets. That is what he brings to the table- a guy that is hard to bring down. Pretty much all our backs are. From the way (Jonathan) Stewart was running today and just showing that resiliency and through it all, man. We got guys that are battling injuries and still fighting out there. That is the mantra of this franchise to keep pounding and we showed a lot of that tonight."

If it is gratifying to win, especially with people doubting the team: "Not really. It is really not. I say that honestly because we are just doing our job. We don't play this game to prove to those guys more so than to just prove it to ourselves that we are capable of doing this on a week in, week out basis. It is a lot of guys including myself who feel the same way that we didn't play our best brand of football tonight. Myself throwing three interceptions, that is just a lackluster performance of protecting the ball. When we get guys on defense that are playing lights out, just playing great team ball, when the offense is slacking, the defense is picking up the wheel. The special teams is giving us good field position so when you got that, you just have to find ways to finish at the end and protect the ball."

On the organization's first 6-0 start in team history: "I am excited for Mr. Richardson and everything that he has conquered over the years but you know, we still got a lot more games. We got a lot more games. We're just taking it one at a time. We're going to mend up and have a great week of practice and get ready for Indy on Monday."

On the importance of maintaining focus for Indianapolis: "I think we have been doing a pretty good job with maintaining focus and understanding what we have accomplished so far. We are not satisfied in what we have done. Is it good? - Yes, but yet at the same time, we are still trying to conquer things that people said that we couldn't do and still surprising ourselves at the same time with just going back to OTAs and the offseason with hard work going into it. Of course you can't predict injuries nor can you predict any other of the minute things that happen that may alter or detour our team. For the people that we have in that locker room that are active each and every week, everybody is focused on one common goal and that is all you can ask for."

On the play of Ted Ginn: "It is just chemistry. Just blessed to have him playing the best football in his career I feel like. Understanding of the route running, coming and evolving and he is picking up so of the offense and not being labeled as a specialist. I know that was kind of a cloud over his head. For him to conquer that x receiver position which is an important position in the offense. He has been doing a great job."


On the team's opening drive: "It was great. We got off to a good start. Defense got us the ball back, got us the ball quick on the opening drive and we went bang, bang, bang right down the field and Philly (Corey Brown) had a huge play and (Mike) Tolbert was able to get it in to get the ball rolling. Tolbert had a huge day. He scored the first one on the run and then on the flat route he could have gotten tackled about three times and got us that touchdown there at the start of the second half. We have a lot of different guys each week step up and that's what we have said all along. We're not based around one particular guy or anything, we have a lot of guys who can contribute."


On how it felt to contribute in a big way: "Great. I felt good the whole game. It's always good starting the game off getting a few tackles. It was unfortunate Jason (Peters) went down. The hardest part was I was trying to figure out (Matt) Tobin, the left tackle, because I didn't watch any film on him, so just trying to figure him out throughout the game and I was able to get some good rushes there at the end of the fourth quarter."

On how this team compares to other good teams he's been on: "This team is good. It's good in all the right ways. I think it's a very humble team. It's the work ethic. It's the culture that Coach (Ron) Rivera provides. No one gets ahead of themselves. Throughout the whole game, everybody's competing. Everybody's holding each other accountable. At the same time, there's never any panic at least from what I've seen so far. … Right now we've been playing good complementary football."


On the play of Kawann Short: "KK is a beast, man. Everything that he is teaching me, he's going out there and doing it and that's just a great thing about him, that's the character in him, he's a leader and he's becoming more and more of an effective leader."

Regarding the youth on this team: "I think a lot of credit goes to our coaches getting up prepared and then you have to credit to Jared (Allen) who has been in numerous situations, and Charles Johnson who has been in numerous situations and they do nothing but get us prepared."


On the team's strong start: "What matters is what we think and how we prepare and how we work. There are still a lot of really good opponents we have left on the schedule, including this one coming up for Monday night. I think we'll enjoy this win today and get back to work, because we've got to get better."

If it's special to be part of a franchise best 6-0 start: "Yeah, absolutely. I think more so just part of this locker room. It's a great group of guys, and there's no doubt why we're winning these games as a team. A lot of it is because it's just a lot of selfless football. It's a lot of really good character guys, and it shows up on the football field."
E: Having explosive plays tonight


On the team's performance: "I think we were just coached up. We came out there, we had the right play calls, we were in the right situation and we went out there and just executed. They were a good front, but we just went out there and played our game."

On the amount of sacks last year compared to this year's game: "Honestly, there wasn't too much talk about the sacks last year. It was just the fact that we wanted to go out there and we wanted to show everybody that we deserve to be in the position that we are at and I feel like we went out there and did that tonight."

On how the nation looks at the team: "We haven't even looked up to acknowledge what's going on. We just want to keep our heads down and keep going. We want to look up at the end of the season and be at our destination and hopefully we will be able to enjoy everything."

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