Game Quotes: Panthers vs. Packers


On the defensive play by Kawann Short which led to Thomas Davis pick: "We got pressure there. We called a time out to get a good look at what they might want to try to do. It gave us the opportunity to disguise what we wanted to do as well. I thought it was really good pressure off to the side, a good push and then Thomas Davis read it very nicely."

General thoughts on the ups and downs during today's game: "The flow was most certainly getting to all of us. I know it was getting to me. The key was we kept fighting as well. You are talking about a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers who just doesn't quit which was exhibited by the fourth downs he converted. He is a playmaker and we have to be better. We have a lot to learn from this. We most certainly learn from this, I know I will. It is going to be up to our coaches to make sure our players learn. We have to learn how to finish better. We can't make it this exciting because we can't take the chance of a playmaker like Aaron Rogers is going to make a play to beat you. We just can't put ourselves in that position."

On his experience now with these last second defensive stands: "That is one nice thing is that we are getting some quality work at that. We are getting better. We are building confidence as far as being able to get that done. But as I said you don't want to put yourself in that position especially when you have a good lead coming up. You have to be able to withstand a flurry. It's kind of like the ebbs and flows of basketball. If one team goes on a run you have to be able to withstand that."

On the performance of Cam Newton: "I thought he did some really good things, had some really good moments. I promise you there is only one throw he wished he had back. It was unfortunate that it was a little late coming across. He has to throw that a little bit more outside so that the only guy that can catch it is Ted Ginn."

On the performance of the Panthers defense:"I think some of the things we did, we took from some of the games we saw previously. I thought  Sean McDermott and his guys, Steve Wilks, Al Holcomb, Eric Washington, Richard Rodgers and Curtis Fuller, I'm going to name them all just so you know that they all deserve, and Sam Mills, some recognition and did a great job. I thought the game plan was really good. I thought the execution was really good. We gave up a couple plays that we really shouldn't have but I don't want to take anything away from what Green Bay did."

On Devin Funchess making big plays for team vs. Green Bay: "It just means that we can have that big presence that we are missing right now. I think it was a big step for Devin, I really do. It's going to be a big boost for his confidence and a huge boost for Cam Newton's confidence in him as well as Mike Shula. One of the things that Mike is always looking for is guys who can make plays so he can call their number. It works twofold and that's what it's going to do for him and us."

On Roman Harper's big stops in final Green Bay drive: "I thought the safeties did some really nice things. They had opportunities and for the most part they stepped up and made them. Roman is a veteran. He sees things and he has a good feel for things out there, he does some really good things to help us in terms of winning football games. I was really pleased with the effort we got from him."

On Josh Norman's impact on the defense: "Josh brings a lot of energy and there is always that potential that he just might make that play. Probably the one play that he wishes he had made and was in position to, was the big fourth down. He missed timed his jump. He jumped a little bit early and they made the play. Josh has been tremendous for us. He has really stepped up and made plays and I think his teammates feed off his energy when he makes plays."


Opening statement:"I just want to start by showing my appreciation to the Veteran that I represented today. It was a guy by the name of John Jarrell and I spoke about him earlier and we can't just forget the things that we represented today. You know there are times when we have opportunities to make a public service announcement and just for the month of November it feels like the only time we can really salute to our veterans, but it doesn't go unnoticed, the person that sacrificed his life for ours, the things that a lot of us take for granted, even myself, but yet I just wanted to show him as well as his family the things he did are appreciated and everybody on our team wore a different person. I don't think the troops get enough recognition and praise. I just wanted to take time to say that. I know as a franchise, everyone in this organization, we take time to pride in shining a light on great things and great people, so that's what I wanted to do."

On how he and the team will handle the success of being 8-0: "It's good. We've just got to clean a lot of things up. It wasn't a pretty 8, but it is 8 and that's gorgeous in itself. We've got to find ways to finish. I'm speaking specifically to myself. Throwing that senseless interception at the end, when I know I pride myself on  protecting the football in crunch time situations, I am thankful to have a defense that's lights out and playing with unbelievable confidence and didn't blink. We're going to need those same type of attributes going into the latter part of the season."

On his interception: "It was a route that I was extremely familiar with. We went over it last night. In crunch time situations we didn't necessarily want to be conservative or be aggressive either. We just wanted to keep them guessing what the play was. It was a great job by the defender of under cutting it. It just has to be a ball that has to be thrown outside. It's either him or nobody, especially in that time in the game and if not get off of it and throw it to somebody else. An incompletion in that situation is not bad. I'm not going to keep harping on the negatives. It was a great team win today and I can't stress enough the play of the defense at the end which covers up so many mistakes."

On his third- down pass to Jericho Cotchery: "It was the same coverage. They kept bringing zero coverage, daring us to throw the football and I didn't necessarily see Jericho and oftentimes you don't.  When you're getting converged in the pocket you just peek and see the helmets. I was just trying to lead him to the sidelines and when it cleared up it was just too far. It was a play that we went over in practice a lot this week knowing we were going to have the look and we did have the look. It was just a bad throw. I wouldn't say it was a lack of execution, but when it comes down to it things like that are going to happen, but we bounce back and found a way."


On honoring the military: "It was a big moment. First off, can I say something real quick? It was an honor and a privilege to represent Sgt. Lance Eakes. I got the chance to wear his initials as a decal on my helmet today, Salute to Service month. Our military, our soldiers, our troops, our sailors, our Marines, our airmen, I'm very appreciative of what they do for our country. I'm able to play the game of football while they're out there in harm's way so I just wanted to say thank you to all of our service members, in country, out of country, thank you for your service. I really appreciate it, the Carolina Panthers, we appreciate it. Now, let me get back to your questions."

On his forced fumble:"Sean McDermott did a really good job of calling the perfect defense for me to make that play. I can't take all the credit for it because without that call, I don't make that play. So I give that one to Sean McDermott, our defensive coordinator, he made the right call."

On playing against QB Aaron Rodgers: "Let me say this. I've played the Green Bay Packers 24 times, somewhere around there, being in the NFC North and this is probably one of the hardest games that I've had to play as far as coverage with Aaron Rodgers. He does a really good job of buying time for his receivers to make plays down the field and their timing and their synchronization, they're in sync. They have this rhythm that they practice and it's amazing. A guy covering six, seven seconds, that's a lot for a DB, but again our D-line was able to get a lot of sacks today, a lot of quarterback hits. Overall I think we had pretty good coverage the majority of the night."


On the second half comeback by the Packers: "We just went in there and I guess just got on our high horse a little bit and didn't keep focus and got a little tired. We just have to keep our foot on the pedal next time and keep it going."

Comments on his catches in the win over Green Bay: "I was just waiting on my moment and it came today on the first long one and I made sure I hauled that one in and kept feeding."

On the productivity of the offense: "It started off in the first quarter. We were out there and they were playing heavy inside, so we had to bait them to go outside and then hit them right back up inside. Ted (Ginn, Jr.) saw it first and then I saw it and we just took advantage of it."

On his touchdown catch: "I had a bang eight and it was zero and I kind of saw the safety there. I faked him outside and then went right in."

Comments on Salute to Service and the team's performance this season: "It's been great. I was out there representing SSG. Newman today and it was even better that I got to represent his family because his family was there. Everything has been good this year. I wouldn't have thought that I would be on an 8-0 team coming straight out of college, but everything is going good."


On how the team has responded to being under the microscope this year: "Well, we aren't paying attention to it. I really don't know what's going on as far as what they are saying or not. The thing we've done the best as a team is that we can go through every group, focusing on the task at hand and that's why we are 8-0 right now. Not worrying about what everyone says, as long as you put undefeated in front of it."


Opening statement: "First and foremost, I thank God for allowing me to play for the troops this game. They gave up their lives so we can have freedom in this world and the United States of America; there is nothing greater than that. I just wanted to come out and pay homage to them, the proud and the brave. I wore my shoes today, I may get fined for it but it is what it is, the price we pay for freedom, I'll take that any day. Big ups to them and everything they do for our country, I can't be proud enough to be an American citizen."

Thoughts on the win: "It's an awesome feeling, it really is. I'm super excited, I may not show it right now but I am. I'm glad we are 8-0, it's so much better to get that feeling of having a win than a loss, that's for sure. Like I said I am so excited. I know personally I'm going to look down on myself. We're going to get in here tomorrow and watch film, see some things we can do better."


Thoughts on the game: "I have to give thanks to those families of the honored soldiers. It was an honor playing for them. We went out there and we did our job, we do every week, week in and week out. We realized the team that was coming and we didn't let that be a factor. We just went out there and played together."

On the play of the defense with the game on the line: "You see the results of the game. 'KK' (Kawann Short) made a big play and 'TD' (Thomas Davis) made an ever bigger play as far as getting that interception. My heart kind of fell when we got that and I looked around to make sure there were no flags. It was just a good momentum game and a great team win and a great defensive win too."


On what Devin Funchess brings to this team: "Size and speed. I mean, come on man, that guy's big. He's got good footwork, he's got good speed and he's got size. And he's strong in his hands. That guy, he's been working his ass off since he came here, so I'm proud of him, I'm happy for him."

On what Cam Newton can do to continue to improve: "I don't know what the improvement needs to be. He's 8-0 in this league. Everybody throws an interception, everybody throws a bad ball, everybody catches a six, everybody gets a first down. It's football. As we keep going on in with these gameplans and seeing these different teams, it's going to be different weeks that we have different opportunities. We've just got to capitalize on our opportunities when we can."


On his interception and the Panthers' win:  "I cannot not express enough how big (Kawann) Short was in that play and making it happen. It was definitely an honor to go out and play this game today just knowing who we were playing for. Me playing for (SFC) Henry Bacon and his family, it was truly an honor."

On being 8-0 and if there is pressure is building: "Absolutely, the next game is always the biggest game. That's the approach that we are taking right now and we're going to continue to take that approach the rest of the season. It's all about coming away with the victory. We got up big and we let another team come back on us, but at the end of the day we were able to come away with the victory and that's all that matters."


On the defensive performance against Green Bay: "It's always a team and group effort. We've got to be better in both halves. We've got to be able to rush the passer a little bit better, we've got to be able to play faster a little bit better, and we've got to be able to make plays at the most opportune times. We're battling, we're battling our butts off. We've probably had a couple of close calls, and it just is what it is. At the end of the day, we'll take the victory and continue to move forward."

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