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Grill Bill: Thompson/TD, Webb III and more hot dogs


The Panthers agree on both parts - they want to get Thompson more reps, which in turn, would save some mileage on Davis. But what's that saying? "The best-laid plans of mice and men ... "

The idea sounds good now, but if Davis is out there playing at a Pro Bowl level again, it's going to be tough to take him off the field. So it's worth waiting to see if and when this happens when the season starts.

Here's what Webb had to say during training camp when asked about the III on the back of his jersey: 

"I've been the third my whole life. My daddy is junior. When I first got into the league, it was a big thing about the RGIII, so I didn't want to add it on then. Then I had my little son, Joe Webb IV, so I felt it was a good time to put it back there." 

Two Grill Bills, two hot dog questions.

I don't think I would, even if I were starving, like Will Ferrell/Harry Caray once asked.

Pun intended?

Graham Gano has been comfortably ahead, and unless something goes awry in Jacksonville, I don't see it becoming much closer. Harrison Butker has a strong leg, and he's showed well in the first two preseason games, but the Panthers are confident Gano can bounce back from last season's hiccups.

As head coach Ron Rivera has been saying, the punting competition is actually closer

Email from Matt:I know Scott Simonson has been injured, but is Chris Manhertz favored to be the #3 TE behind Ed Dickson? Has he progressed enough to compete for the #2 spot?

Even before Simonson strained his hamstring early in camp, Manhertz had slipped ahead for the No. 3 role. But as much as fans would like to see an uptick in receptions from Ed Dickson's spot, he's firmly the No. 2. Dickson has improved as a blocker every year he's been in Carolina. Manhertz, meanwhile, is still a longer project.

The former college hoops player is coming along nicely as a blocker and pass catcher, but he's been remarkably inconsistent through the spring and summer. One day he'll catch a bunch of passes; the next he'll have multiple drops. If he can put it all together, though, he could one day put pressure on Dickson. 

C'mon, it's August. Let's pump the breaks a bit on the "last chance" talk.

The preseason is the preseason, and for what it's worth, Rivera has said more than once that Funchess wasn't utilized properly in 2016. Of course, that doesn't mean he played at an elite level. 

Funchess is more of an X receiver, but Kelvin Benjamin is already in that spot. So getting Funchess more touches from the Z in his upcoming third season is something he, Cam Newton and Mike Shula need to figure out.


I used to play a little corner back in the day, but I'm guessing I'd pull a hammy while getting blown up in coverage these days. 

I tend to let the final roster stuff play itself out, but I'll give this a go with numbers.

WR: 5

FB: 1

RB: 4

If Artis-Payne sticks, the tough part, yet again, will be finding a spot for him on game day.

I also tend to stay away from "any chance" questions, but I'll bite on this one, too.


Now, I still think the Panthers will continue carrying three quarterbacks. But there's no question Webb has outplayed Anderson so far. Still, Webb hasn't thrown a pass in a regular-season game since 2011. Is he a guy you'd want to depend on even as a one-game fill-in?

The Panthers love that Anderson knows the offense inside and out, so he can jump in at a moment's notice. But he's 34 and not getting any younger, so while I don't see that cut happening, I wouldn't be shocked if it did.

First of all, please have some respect. Its proper name is White Bean Chili. And perhaps only a trip to the Super Bowl could top this gloriousness:

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