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Inside look at Kuechly's recovery

CHARLOTTE – Following shoulder surgery, linebacker Luke Kuechly's offseason focus has been on the rehab process. He had a procedure done in mid-March to repair a torn labrum suffered in the regular season finale.

"It's been good. I've just been here (in the training room) for the most part," said Kuechly, who played through the entire postseason. "I'm feeling better and it just takes time. It's a process and these guys do a great job. We're on schedule."

Two weeks ago, Kuechly was able to ditch the sling. Now he's working with the athletic training staff to gradually build strength in the shoulder.

"I just have to continue to get it stronger and get the range of motion back," he said.

Weightlifting is usually a big part of the All-Pro linebacker's offseason training plan, but that's off limits for the time being.

"There are some different exercises to do – I'm doing a lot of bike stuff and lower body stuff," Kuechly said. "It's going to be a gradual process. Once everybody gets back I'll be able to do some stuff, but they are going to alter and modify what I can do. We have time so we might as well use the time."

Kuechly is focused on what's in front of him – completing a rehab process to get back to full strength for training camp.

But he did take a brief moment to reflect on what he and his teammates accomplished last season.

"You move forward, but it was a fun season," Kuechly said. "Winning 17 games is a big deal. It was special."

View photos of linebacker Luke Kuechly as he goes through rehabilitation exercises.

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