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Inside look at Rivera's office

View photos of several meaningful items in head coach Ron Rivera's office.

CHARLOTTE – When Ron Rivera steps on the practice field, he's coaching the game he loves. When he takes a seat in his office inside Bank of America Stadium, he's reminded of all the additional tasks that come with the job.

Rivera, named NFL Coach of the Year two of the last three seasons, has gotten pretty good at making it all work.

Like any coach, at his core, he relishes game-planning or being on the field with a whistle in one hand and play sheet in the other. But there's so much more to it; there's so many who require his attention. And Rivera isn't one to say no.

In his office, Rivera surrounds himself with mementos. Some are of the motivational variety. Others have been picked up along the journey that led him behind that desk. All of them shed light on what makes Rivera, the man and the coach, who he is.

View the photo gallery above to see and read what Rivera had to say about several special items in his office.

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