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James Bradberry training camp Q&A


On his camp so far:"It's going really good. I feel a lot better than I did last year. I have a lot more knowledge on the system we run and the offense. I feel good right now."

On his still wearing a cast:"Yes, I am wearing it for precaution. My wrist doesn't really hurt anymore, but we want to make sure everything is good before the preseason and season get here. It is a cast, but it is not as thick as the one I had on in OTAs."

On his collision with Kuechly in previous practice:"He just apologized a lot. He wasn't even supposed to be there, but that's Luke for you, just making a play. It was a great play by him and if it happened during a game I wouldn't be mad at him at all."

On the biggest difference from this year and last year:"Overall, I have better knowledge of the system. I have learned a lot more about the game of football, and I pay a lot more attention to the offense and what they're trying to do. I feel more comfortable playing in the NFL.

On being a student of the game:"I tried to watch film a lot and listen to my coaches, but there was a lot going on with me trying to learn the defense and playing against top-tier talent every game, and overall speed of the game. Now I feel more comfortable and things are starting to slow down a lot."

On the benefits of being thrown into the fire early in career:"I feel like it was good for me to be thrown into the fire, because I feel I adapted throughout the season. I think I learned the game a lot faster than I would have if they slowed down and progressively put me in there."

On going up against previous opposing receivers again this season:"At this point, I don't think about it a lot, but I think about it occasionally. When the time comes, I just have to watch film and go out there and play my best."

On picking off Cam Newton at the start of camp:"During the play, I just read the quarterback. I got my eyes back to the receiver, he broke it off and I broke towards him. I looked back and the ball was there. He didn't throw it as fast as he normally does, but I feel I had a good break on it as well. "

On Newton's short pass:"I think it was one of the first couple of plays. Usually on those first few plays the quarterback is trying to get into a rhythm. Our coach is always telling us to pay attention to that and be slow coming out of your backfield so it was a little of that and also because we know Cam, we knew he wasn't going to throw deep on the first couple of plays. "

On talk of a good season:"I hear things from time to time, but I really can't pay attention to that because at the end of the day I'm not going to go up against my teammates. I am going to go up against other players and the overall atmosphere will be different. It really doesn't matter if you play well during practice you have to play well during the game."

On a locker room change with more veterans:"Mike Adams knows a lot about the game of football, and Captain Munnerlyn has taught me a lot about offenses and what they are trying to do when they attack you so just the overall game experience and the ins and outs of it has really helped us out a lot."

On wide receiver group:"They have brought a lot of fast guys in. I know they have one guy that ran track from Buffalo that is really fast. Damiere Byrd is always fast. Austin Duke from Charlotte is really fast, and he has been making a lot of plays. They were getting us a little today, but a lot of speed out there."

On who is the fastest WR:"If you are faster than me I could see how you would be fast. Austin Duke, TJ Graham, Byrd is fast, so I think it has to be one of those three.

On McCaffrey:"He is quick. He is a lot bigger than he was in OTAs from my point of view, but he's quick and I think he's going to make a lot of plays for us."

On 1 on 1s with McCaffrey: "I haven't been face to face with him yet, I catch him from another point of view when I am trying to chase him down. I saw him make a move on Luke today and another lineman, and he made a pretty sharp cut that made me go 'ooohhh ahhh' when he did it so he looks pretty sharp."

On Coach Wilkes taking over defense:"We still have the same intensity and run a lot of the same things so I think he has the same intensity as he did being our cornerbacks coach."

On Kelvin Benjamin matchup:"We did a couple plays on 1-on-1s together and he told me what receivers try to do, as far as running routes and stuff like that. At the end of the day we are teammates. It's competition when we are on the field together at practice, but we also have to help each other out because we are going to go up against other players. That's what counts is the wins and losses against other teams."

On speed:"I don't mind giving other guys their props when they are faster than me. I just have to adjust my game to match them and try to win that battle. Growing up you always want to be the fastest guy and it's a pride thing I guess."

On his goals this year:"My goal is to be the best I can be, and progressively get better. I want to do a lot better than I did last year. I feel like I missed some plays and some interceptions so I want to get my hands on some more balls. I don't have a set number of interceptions I want, I just want to catch everything that comes to me."

On the addition of Captain Munnerlyn: "I know he was a great player when he was here and with the Vikings. I remember playing against him so knowing I could learn a lot from him about our defense and other offenses around the league was a big up for me. "

On what Vernon Butler is like off the field:"He is a cool guy. He likes to talk about my bald head a lot. I always shave to come back with how big he is, and call him fat. He is a funny guy and really cool. Very down to earth. "

On most complete and difficult receiver to cover:"Most complete is probably Julio Jones. I am aware of all of the receivers in our division. I know we have to play against Ted Ginn again. I am interested in playing him because I enjoy being around him a lot, and he helped me out a lot last year. I like playing against Mike Evans because I feel like that was one of my better games last year and was a challenge. All of the guys we play in our division honestly."

On hitting a wall in rookie season:"I feel like the injury helped me a lot. I had a lot of off time. I couldn't do anything but treatment, so I was watching TV and that was pretty much it. I got on the bike a little bit. When I got back I was ready to be back on the field and I didn't feel much of a rookie wall until week 11 or 12."  

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