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James Bradberry working around wrist injury


CHARLOTTE – A day after fracturing his left wrist, it was a pleasant surprise to see cornerback James Bradberry on the practice field sporting a small black cast.

The second-year cornerback took part in individual drills and installations but was held out of team periods.

"I was disappointed when we went and got the X-ray and found out what it was, but there's not much I can do," Bradberry said following Tuesday's practice. "Just have to press on and work around it."

When it comes to playing football with a cast on, Bradberry must adjust to catching the ball with only his right hand. It's something he practiced at various times throughout the practice session.

"Right now I only have one hand, so I'm just making sure I get the right hand as strong as possible," he said with a smile.

And when it comes to life away from football, there are other adjustments to be made until the cast can come off.

"I've never had a cast," said Bradberry, adding that he hoped linebacker Luke Kuechly would sign it. "It's taking a minute for me to tie my shoes. Shaving my head – I'm going to have to do that with one hand now. And I was playing video games last night and I kept dying – couldn't really use the controller."

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