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Josh Norman Q&A


(On free agency and how he handles those questions) "(Points to Super Bowl 50 logo) All that matters to me. And after that game, that's probably when I have a sea upon a sea of questions about all that stuff. And that's, I think, the most appropriate time to sit down and answer those questions or if they'll be posed to me. But moment in time right now I have three days left and all my time and energy is focused on this right here."

(On believing if this was all possible) "Absolutely. Ever since day one. Since I was in middle school, actually coming up, like I always knew I was gonna be here. I was always had that thought it my progression, in my mind. Just getting to the point of getting here, man, and overcoming all the obstacles that I was faced with. That was the main thing for me because I knew the talent that I had, it was just all gonna work that hard to meet that talent. And the things that I had to overcome, they was just a test for me in order to say okay, are you gonna go through this wall or are you gonna get stuck behind it? And I just kept hitting man, just kept bricking on brick. Just kept moaning my way through it and finally I broke through and I'm here now. So I'm not gonna turn around and change or be anything other than who I am or knowing where I come from."

(On overcoming obstacles, being a college walk on, falling in the draft, and taking a few years to establish himself in the NFL) "It's a lot of things, man, it really is. It's a lot of things that go on into play, it really is. And I aint putting people on spot, so I wouldn't do that. But it was…it really was and I just had to overcome that and I had too really humble myself and look at my situation. And I think God allowed me to go through that and see if I was worthy enough for this prestigious opportunity that I'm faced with. I was faithful and true to that, and myself, and I became something greater than I thought I could be. But at the same time everything that I do comes from the man above, and that's God, and knowing I was gonna be here one day."

(On appreciating this more because of the obstacles he faced) "Absolutely. Absolutely I appreciate it more because there's nothing more that's greater than being self-made. Can't nobody take anything from you. Can't nobody say they did this, did that. I mean we had people along the way that helped but nobody can say I got my hands on like, and I made him who he is today. No. And that's the greatest thing and greatest feeling you can take from being self-made."

(On what goes through his mind the night before the Super Bowl) "I don't know. I couldn't tell you. I got my own routine that I always do. So nothing goes in my mind other than visualizing myself making those plays. Making plays. Making big plays. Plays that change the game. Being a game changer and that's the thing that really I look at the most and try to visualize. When all the lights are cut off, that's what I visualize. Sometimes I even throw the football up at myself when the lights cut off. I did that when I was back in college and try to keep it going when I'm in the league. But yeah that's what goes through my mind."

(On just one more practice left and what a relief it is to just focus on game day) "That'll be everything because this is definitely draining. It really is. I be ready just to play the game and if we played the game today, I'll be like let's go. Play it in the street really doesn't matter. I'm just tired of sitting back and waiting, and talking every day and talking about the things that we're gonna do – instead of going out there and doing them because I'm more so about action than anything else. It's just we have to wait."

(On when he knew he wanted to pursue football in college and his first breakthrough) "When I got there. First time I got there. I stepped on the field and I walked on there, that's when I knew I was gonna probably end up making my…I'll be there for the rest of the time."

(On being in the Bay area) "I thought it was love. I like the Bay, I love it. I woke up this morning and I open the curtains and I see the hills, the valleys and plains. So gorgeous. Yeah man it's like from a movie script. Like from the Lord of the Rings movie, that sharp. It's unbelievable. And then I rolled to San Fran and I was looking at the scenery on the side of the road and I was like man this is really cool. I can probably see myself here one time or two."

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