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Carolina Panthers

Julius Peppers narrates playoff hype video

Defensive end Julius Peppers narrated a hype video ahead of Carolina's Wild Card playoff at New Orleans that was posted across the Panthers' digital platforms on Thursday night (watch the video above).

Below is the transcript of Peppers' narration:

This is our home.

Most of us aren't from here. Some of us are. You make us all feel like we belong.

As we look to our left and our right, we feel drawn together by an unspoken bond.

One heartbeat, echoed by thousands.

The identity of this team is you.

*You help us stand taller. To fight harder. *

As we go away from home, we'll carry your spirit.

A spirit that empowers.

A spirit that defines us.

A spirit that endures.

We know what we're up against in New Orleans.

We know what's at stake.

And we know we're not alone.

We fight as one.



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