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Kawann Short training camp Q&A


On soreness in hamstring and lower back the first couple of days of camp: "I'm just a little tight. I'm good though. … I feel good health wise, just a little tightness and being cautious. Just working on some kinks I've had. I have been good though." 

On what he has done with his fame and fortune: "Nothing really, just back and forth from home. Just getting to spend more time with the family pretty much."

On hosting a joint practice with the local high school: "It's good. Just to see those kids and the smiles on guy's faces. Obviously, one day they want to come up here to the level we are at, so just to have them see what an NFL practice is about will only make them work even harder. It will make it a lot better for us to actually be a role model for those guys."

On if he has seen improvements in Vernon Butler's game: "Tremendously. He is one of those guys that came in and was really trying to learn off of what to do and where to be at the right place and time. Now he is more just studying the game more and in better shape. He's obviously learning from the guys he goes against everyday, the guards and the centers. He's one of those guys that took time in the offseason to study and got going."

On what it is like to line up next to Julius Peppers: "I mean that is a Hall of Famer right there. That is just like the same commodity we had last year with Jared Allen. Those two guys are full of knowledge. There are only so many snaps in this game so you have no choice but to take it all in and acknowledge it. Take it all in, and ask those guys questions, as much questions as you could. Just trying to get to the same level that they are on."

On Julius Peppers personality: "He's real quiet. You got to pull stuff out of him. He's not one of those guys who is just going to start talking for no reason. He is one of those guys who, if you want the information, you got to ask. He leads by example as well so just picking his brain here or there. On the field, in the classroom and just asking stuff compared to what he used to do and what he is doing now. Just a lot of information that he can give you and you got to take it all in and write some stuff down."

On what he thinks the front four has learned from Julius Peppers so far: "Being in that room. Period. With him, Charles and a lot of the other guys, it's just about how patient and focused those guys are. What he brings to our team, we all know what he has done, but right now he is still one of those top defensive ends. Put him anywhere on the defensive line and he is going to show out. Just really seeing the way he works. Seeing what he does in the classroom. Taking notes and studying his whole binder."

On Tyler Larsen: "When he gets his hands on you its hard to get them off. Being in the middle, that's very critical because once those guys get their hands on you the referees don't see a lot of what's going on in the middle. He's good with his hands. He is good with his feet. He knows the game and he knows what it takes to play behind Ryan Kalil. … When I was playing against him, I don't know if he was on the practice squad or just getting reps. He was one of the guys that everyone was like or this guy is going pretty hard so you've got to bring to the practice thing. Just knowing that he is always going to be ready. Whenever his number was called you knew that he was going to be that guy."

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