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Lavar Edwards hits ground running

CHARLOTTE - When Lavar Edwards learned the Panthers had claimed him off waivers, the journeyman defensive end couldn't have been happier.

Having been through similar circumstances several times already in his short career, Edwards knew there was no guarantee that he'd even be picked up. And for it to be the Panthers that came calling?

"When I found out, I was just really excited and ready to get back to work, especially knowing I was coming to a team that went to the Super Bowl last year and has a great D-line," Edwards said. "And to know that they thought enough of me to bring me in is really exciting for me."

Edwards, a fifth-round draft choice of the Titans in 2013, was waived by the Cowboys in the final roster cutdown. The Panthers moved quickly to pick him up, and now Edwards must move quickly to get up to speed with his fifth different team in the last year.

"It's been a long day. I'm trying to catch up on the playbook really, really fast," Edwards said. "My head is spinning a little bit, but I think I can get it done pretty quickly.

"I think I can showcase my talents in this type of defense. I've been in 3-4 and 4-3, and I feel like the 4-3 best suits my skill set."

When time allows, Edwards said he'd consult with former LSU teammate Trai Turner, the Panthers' starting right guard, for advice about life with his latest team.

"We went to LSU together, and we're both from New Orleans," Edwards said. "I've talked to him for about two seconds because I've been ripping and running, but I'll catch up with him."


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