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Life-after-football plans on hold for Julius Peppers


Julius Peppers was torn.

Play a 17th NFL season or finally start his life after football?

We know the answer now. Peppers signed another one-year deal with the Panthers last week. But before he put pen to paper, he spent weeks mulling the decision down in Miami. 

"If I decide to retire I don't want it to be one of those situations where, you know, after a couple of months I have the itch to play again,'' Peppers told digital media producer Austin Gaines earlier this month. "That's not something I want to do. I want to put a lot of thought into it and make the final decision. I don't want to waver on it at all.

"When you make a decision as big as this, you need to take a lot of time and make sure it's the right thing. Yeah, it's going to be final once I decide one way or the other.''

So Peppers' eventual foray into real estate is at least another year away. Yes, real estate. Click 'play' below to learn more about those plans and to see the 6-foot-7, 295-pound Peppers play dad.

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