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Listen: Panthers Podcast with guest Tiffany Blackmon

On the latest Panthers Podcast (available above or on iTunes), Max Henson and Bryan Strickland look back on the dominant stretches and the concerning ones that added up to a big victory in Detroit. We're also joined by Tiffany Blackmon of the NFL Network to look ahead at the fast approaching shot at another big victory:

2:21 – How Luke Kuechly helped Panthers regroup after early penalty fest

3:00 – A detailed look at how Carolina dominated from there…

4:44 – …until, that is, the Lions rallied before falling short

10:30 – Winning despite not running…

12:25 – …because of the way Cam Newton ran the offense

17:40 – Enough from us. Let's hear what Tiffany Blackmon has to say

22:27 – She's certainly excited about a quality Thursday Night Football matchup against Eagles

29:29 – But what a physical toll Thursday games take on us journalist types


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