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The podcast gets a new name (though not a new logo just yet), after which a big name on the roster is discussed. Highlights:

1:50 - Max Henson recently caught up with one Julius Peppers and shares a bit of their conversation.

4:07 - On Christian McCaffrey's 22nd birthday, the guys try to remember being 22 (not a problem for Max).

6:38 - Bryan Strickland marvels at how Bill Voth, long after being 22, still shows his athletic prowess.

11:04 - Bill shares what Matt Kalil has to say about his second offseason in Carolina.\

18:10 - Rules changes that could revolutionize the kickoff are afoot.

21:09 - Should Graham Gano worry about punter Michael Palardy's 60-yard field goal? Not really. 24:20 - If Panthers had to fill in for Hornets, who would be in the starting lineup?

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