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Mike Tolbert Q&A


On the Spartanburg heat: "I mean, the temperature is something we can't control. We're here to work. We know what we're capable of, as the proof was in the pudding last year. We know that we have something special here.

On the Super Bowl loss: "I don't think I'm over it, but that's going to push us."

On knowing what it takes to get there: "There is tremendous value in it, because we know who can do what on our team and what people are capable of. We know what type of leadership we have. It adds validity to everything we do."

On if he's watched the Super Bowl: "No. I still change the channel when I see anything Denver."

On trying to get back to the Super Bowl: "History said nobody would win the NFC South twice or three times in a row. We did it, so why can't it be done?"

On the offensive continuity: "I think the more camaraderie we can build the better we can be. With us having everybody back, it puts us that much further ahead of everybody else."

On what he needs to prove: "I go out every day like somebody is trying to take my job. And it just so happens somebody is trying to take my job. So I'm going out with the expectation that I've got to work… I'll be ready, trust me."

On his offseason boxing workouts: "It went pretty good. This (face) is still camera ready."

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