Newton amazes with touchdown flip

CHARLOTTE – What was going through quarterback Cam Newton's mind when he left his feet on first-and-goal late in the third quarter and suddenly found himself airborne and upside down?

"I don't even know," Newton said. "I just know my heart was in my socks. When I was flipping I was like, 'Hey, I don't know how this is going to end.'"

It ended spectacularly.

The 6-5, 245-pound Newton landed in the end zone and nearly stayed upright.

"I didn't stick it, but I still think I got a good high rating from the judge," he joked.

His 2-yard touchdown flip over safety Rahim Moore gave Carolina a 17-10 lead, and it gave everyone watching a special play to remember.

Take a look at what others had to say about Newton's eye-popping score.

Head coach Ron Rivera: "I thought it was a good call at the time. You always hope for the best with him and believe me, he wants to put it in the end zone and he is going to do whatever he takes to get it in there."

Tight end Greg Olsen: "I told him the Russian judge gave him a 3, but everybody else gave him a 10. I guarantee the first thing he thought when he fell was he wished he'd stuck that landing. But that was pretty impressive."

Right tackle Mike Remmers: "That will probably be all over ESPN. It was really cool. That guy has got so much heart and dedication this game, and it showed right there. He put himself on the line. That was awesome. It was a huge play. … I glanced over and just saw legs and then saw him land on his feet. It was awesome."

Left tackle Michael Oher: "Just seeing him running around like that, a couple of times I said to myself, 'This guy is special.' He's a great player, and it's fun to be on his side."

Wide receiver Philly Brown: "That was incredible, but that's just him. That's him just being an athlete."

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