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Newton brings big smiles on new TV show

Cam Newton's season is already underway – the first season of his television show, that is.

"All In with Cam Newton" premiered on Nickelodeon on June 3, and the second episode will debut Friday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

"I like it," head coach Ron Rivera said. "It's a great message for the young people. That's what we're looking for – people who step up and give a little guidance to young people."

That's pretty much the premise of the 30-minute show, which reveals a side of the reigning league MVP that many nationally don't often get to see. Football fans should be aware of the "Sunday Giveaway" in which Newton hands the football over to a pint-sized fan after every touchdown, but Newton's love of children extends well beyond that.

In addition to helping children in practical ways through the Cam Newton Foundation, Newton often goes out of his way to bring his magnetic smile out in children.

In the first episode of "All In," Newton visited Kaden, a 12-year-old who dreams of being a BMX competitor in the X Games by age 15.

"It was cool to have a guy that was in the Super Bowl come to my house, especially from the Carolina Panthers," Kaden said. "I really like that team."

Newton then spent time with Soleil, an 8-year-old who wants to be a veterinarian.

"I love animals," Newton said. "Especially Panthers."

In each child's case, Newton helps them by providing experiences that move them closer to their dreams. Newton brought BMX legend Mat Hoffman along to coach Kaden, while Newton took Soleil to a veterinary hospital and an animal rescue center.

"When I was a little kid, I used to dream big about making it to the pros one day," Newton said to start off the show. "But without the help of great mentors and coaches, I would not be the person I am today.

"I believe every kid has a dream inside of them. Join me as I help these incredible kids tackle their goals and take their games to the next level."

View photos from Cam Newton's career in Carolina from his rookie year in 2011 through 2019. Newton is Carolina's all-time leader in nearly every quarterback statistical category.

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