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On the Prowl 11/6: The Evolution of Newton


GOING DEEP WITH NEWTON: Jenny Vrentas of takes an in-depth look at quarterback Cam Newton's journey to success, which has been about Newton simply being himself through the up and downs. READ MORE

GETTING THE JOB DONE: David Newton of delves into how Newton and the offense have thrived even in the absense of No. 1 receiver Kelvin Benjamin. READ MORE

TACKLING THE TASK AT HAND: Matt Chatham of presents a formula for offensive success specific to Sunday's showdown with the Green Bay Packers. READ MORE

PANTHERS ENJOY FRUITFUL FIRST HALF: Don Banks of heaps praise on the Panthers in his meaty midseason report, showing them some love when it comes to the top coach, offensive coordinator, defensive player and emerging defender to date. READ MORE

BROWN IN THE BLACK:Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer shares how wide receiver Philly Brown left his troubles with dropped passes in the preseason behind once the regular season kicked off. READ MORE

TOSSING AN IDEA AROUND: The coin toss will at long last announce the arrival of Sunday's game, and Bill Voth of takes a look at how the Panthers have been pretty good at winning coin tosses in addition to winning games this season. READ MORE

View photos from the Panthers' week of practice leading up to their game versus the Packers.

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