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On the Prowl 12/2: Gano on Pace for Record


GANO ON PACE FOR RECORD SEASON:Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer writes that Panthers kicker Graham Gano is on pace for a record 160 points scored this season. Gano, unaware that he could possibly finish 2015 in the top 10 scorers in a single season, avoids looking at the stats, but feels it would be a "neat accomplishment."READ MORE

JOSH NORMAN, METHOD ACTOR: Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal profiles cornerback Josh Norman, who assumes the persona of a different action hero each time he takes the field. READ MORE

DAVIS JOINS AROUND THE NFL: Linebacker Thomas Davis appeared on the NFL Network Tuesday night to give an update on the current state of the 11-0 Panthers. Watch the video below.

PLAYOFF POSSIBILITIES FOR WEEK 13: Bill Voth of the Black and Blue Review breaks down the scenarios in which the Panthers could clinch a playoff spot in Week 13. READ MORE

COLEMAN TALKS FOCUS: Safety Kurt Coleman joined PFT Live Tuesday night says it has been easy for him to appreciate the "one game at a time" mentality that the 2015 Panthers have adopted. READ MORE

REVISITING THE ROOTS OF THE TURNAROUND: Bryan Strickland of looks back at Carolina's last game in New Orleans, the first victory in an 15-game regular season winning streak. READ MORE

View photos from the Panthers' week of practice leading up to their game against the Saints.

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