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On The Prowl 9/30: Allen Analysis


PANTHERS POUNCE BY TRADING FOR ALLEN: senior writer Bryan Strickland writes that the team sent a message by trading for Jared Allen: the time to win is now. Strickland also notes that the potential reward of acquiring Allen significantly outweighs any risk involved in the move. READ MORE

PANTHERS WERE NO. 1 CHOICE FOR ALLEN: David Newton of ESPN reports that the Panthers were "by far No. 1" on Allen's list of prospective destinations. According to his agent, Allen will be more than just a perfect fit for the Panthers' 4-3 defense, his personality will also make the transition even easier. READ MORE

ALLEN'S RETURN TO 4-3 DEFENSE COULD KICK-START PASS RUSH:Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer writes that Allen will inject extra energy and pass rush expertise into the Panthers defense. READ MORE

JARED ALLEN TRADE MAKES SENSE FOR CAROLINA: Stephen Igoe details why the trade for Allen is a good move for Carolina. READ MORE

BEARS' JARED ALLEN TRADE A RARE CASE OF WIN-WIN-WIN: John Mullin of CSN Chicago details how the trade benefits the Bears, the Panthers and Allen. READ MORE

THE JARED ALLEN TRADE CAN MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY:Emily Kaplan of the MMQB also adds that the trade between Carolina and Chicago can benefit both parties and notes that "it shows a win-now mentality, capitalizing on Cam Newton's prime." READ MORE

View photos of defensive end Jared Allen during his 12-year NFL career.

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