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On the Prowl: Back from the Bye

POWERFUL PANTHERS: Despite their team's record, linebacker Luke Kuechly and tight end Greg Olsen are having some of the best seasons of their careers. READ MORE

REMMERS EMBODIES PANTHERS' MOTTO: Tackle Mike Remmers has been facing adversity since his collegiate days. Filling in at left tackle is just the next item on the list. READ MORE

COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL IS MORE THAN MINDING MANNERS: It's about the defensive line decreasing the amount of time the secondary has to cover, and the secondary forcing the quarterback to hold the ball longer. The sooner the Panthers get back to it, the sooner they get back to winning ways. READ MORE

ALL IS NOT LOST: Cat Scratch Reader offers their list of reasons Carolina's season is not over. **READ MORE**

MADDEN CALLS FOR A VICTORY: The weekly Madden 17 simulation predicts Carolina earns a touch second victory against the Cardinals. READ MORE

RIVERA HAS WORLD SERIES FEVER: Ron Rivera spoke with about the Cubs' journey to the World Series and his memories of the Chicago sports scene. **READ MORE**

PRANKING RIVERBOAT RON: During Ron Rivera's rookie year, he played with the likes of legendary running back Walter Payton, who properly welcomed the now head coach to NFL. [WATCH VIDEO


View photos of the Panthers' week of practice leading up to their game against Arizona.

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