On the Prowl: Panther fan's lucky day


SEASON TICKETS FROM SCRATCH: Longtime Panthers fan Pamela Jamison, the head cook at a truck stop, won a pair of season tickets for 20 years thanks to a scratch-off ticket. Fox 8 has the story: READ MORE

NEWTON HAS BABY GIRL: Quarterback Cam Newton and his longtime girlfriend welcomed their second child. READ MORE

WAY-TOO-EARLY POWER RANKINGS: ESPN.com has the Panthers at No. 11 as they look ahead to 2017 with a fresh set of power rankings. READ MORE

MOCK DRAFT REPORT: Check out what the analysts are projecting for Carolina's first-round pick. READ MORE

EXAMINING CAP SPACE: Stephen Igoe at CBS Sports takes a closer look at the Panthers' salary cap situation ahead of free agency. READ MORE

TAYLOR TAKES OVER: New wide receivers coach Lance Taylor discusses his return to Carolina and his approach to coaching Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. READ MORE

BRAGGING ABOUT BRADBERRY: Pro Football Focus revealed that James Bradberry was their top-graded rookie cornerback from the 2016 season. READ MORE

CLOSING THE GAP: After Atlanta fell to New England in the Super Bowl, Panthers Insider Mike Craft explained how the Panthers can regain control of the NFC South in the video below.

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