Opposing View: Panthers at Jaguars

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley:

What he remembers about playing the Panthers during his time in Seattle:"I. They were hard fought. I remember the games in Carolina; they were goal line stands. They were hard fought games. We anticipate that. We have a lot of respect, I know from me being on the defensive side, for their offensive personnel. Even in my time in Tampa when I was there, Jonathan Stewart and his ability. It was a lot of close matches. I remember how hard fought they were and we came out with a win there. It was a tight-knit battle during the one in Seattle that I remember when we played in Carolina. As far as the scheme, I think there are some similarities. I think when you watch it on tape you see some very similar principles. I think that knowing the situation that we are in we have also added a couple of things that you will see are completely different than what we did in Seattle."

On playing against a quarterback like Cam Newton: "Well, I know that back then when I was in Seattle how much we thought of him. His style as a quarterback, his ability to throw the ball, a strong arm, extends plays, make plays on the run and then his running ability. I think the biggest thing that we took into consideration is not only do you have to have kind of a tackling plan for the running backs, but what was unique is that you had to have a tackling plan for him because of his size and his ability to run. You surely did not want him to extend plays or have the ball in his hands. I know sometimes when we brought pressure, at times we bounced off of him. I think those things when you plan for Carolina, you prepare for Cam Newton. What is unique versus any other team is that you have to have plans for his ability. You see some of the similar things whether he is running the ball or you are trying to apply pressure on him, you have to have a plan for him."



Quarterback Blake Bortles

Thoughts on kicking off the regular season:"We are excited about it. We are excited that the dress rehearsal being the preseason is over. We are excited to play the season opener and get things rolling. I am excited for this week of practice and the preparation."

What he sees in the Panthers' defense: "I think they are a special bunch. Obviously the third down package with the double A's and all that stuff that they do is definitely difficult as an offense within protections to pick up and block. Players like Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis have been a solid linebackers. They have a good group and a couple veterans in the secondary. Charles Tillman is a guy that is a good player, has been playing for a long time and has good ball skills."

What he expects from Shaq Thompson: "He is definitely a special player because he is versatile. When you have him you don't really need to sub a whole lot because he can play that linebacker position and he is athletic enough to play nickel as well. I think he is a special player and that is a special skill set to have. We will definitely be conscious of where he is on the field and what he can do."

View photos from the Panthers' week of practice leading up to their game at the Jaguars.

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