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Carolina Panthers

Opposing View: Panthers at Saints

On Alvin Kamara's opening touchdown in Week 13: "It's one of those as a coach you look closely at it and the decision to go for it early like that was trying to get some momentum. It was defended well and when you get down as close to the goal line as you are there it's often times leverage, body lean, it's a number of things and he made a real good play. He has good balance. Very easily it could've been one of those that was stopped and fortunately he was able to get in. I think just being able to score early gives you the momentum you're looking for and you're in for four quarters."

On playing for the third time this season: "There's that pride factor and it's a playoff game and really you're starting from scratch in this tournament. The same things that apply during the regular season with regards to turnovers, field position battle, third down, red zone, all are things that become key components in winning a game like this."

On Mario Addison:"Man he's played exceptionally well. Last weekend he played exceptionally well. He has great get-off, great bend and I think that flexibility – you can see he's also a real smart football player. Handling that front and knowing that on your left side is someone like Mario that is really a threat both in the run and pass game, you have to be real smart with your protections. I think that he's played some of his best football this year and around our league it's not a secret he's a top pass rusher and overall a real good defensive end. You just put on the film last week and the last few weeks and see it. Having played them twice, our players certainly have an appreciation for his skillset."

On Marshon Lattimore and how the Saints' defense has changed: "There's been an improvement on defense for a number of reasons. I think the back end benefits from the pass rush and the front can benefit from tight coverage. He's come in very quickly as a young player in his first year and gotten real comfortable with what we're doing scheme wise and his technique - the ability to plan bump, the ability to play off."

On the roster changes throughout the course of the season: "The one thing about our league is if you start at the beginning of the year and you look at your opening day 53 and your practice squad and you track it throughout the season, you always hope you don't have many injuries, but you go through so much change that even in this third game there will be players on both sides of the ball that maybe weren't playing, haven't been playing or are new to the team. I think that's the attrition that's pretty typical in our league especially when you get into the post season."

View photos from the week of practice leading up to the Panthers' wild card playoff game against the Saints.

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