Opposing View: Panthers at Seahawks

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson

On time spent with Josh Norman at IMG:"He was a tremendous worker. He was a guy that we used to laugh all the time and enjoy getting to work. Luke Kuechly was actually there too as well when we trained at IMG. It was a good experience. It was an amazing experience to help prepare us for the National Football League. Josh was a guy that could work all day, same thing with Luke (Kuechly)."

On where he has seen Josh Norman improve over the last few years:"Like I said, he is a worker. Every day, he just gets better and is competitive. He loves the game. You notice that on film. I know that because I have been around him. I have tons of respect for who he is, how he goes about his business and how he wants to play. You definitely have to keep an eye out for him out there. He is a tremendous football player."

On if playing Carolina feels like a division-type rivalry:"I am not sure if the NFL is trying to do that or what, but it seems like it. Obviously, playing them the past four years essentially in tough games that are down to the wire for the most part. They have a tremendous football team. I know a lot of the guys on that team and have a lot of respect for the guys on that team. It is always fun playing them because you know you are going to get a great football game. That is what you want every Sunday. They have tons of great players on defense and offense too as well."

On if he believes Cam Newton has closed the gap between the two of them:"Obviously, I think Cam is a tremendous football player and he is doing it at a crazy high level. He is a guy that has been very efficient. He is a guy that is a winner. You can tell that by the way that he competes on the field. Like I said, I have a lot of respect for him and the way that he plays the game. He is tremendously talented. You see all the things he can do. I don't know how big he is, 6'5'' or 6'6'', and I don't even know how heavy. He can run, throw it a country mile and it is fun watching him play the game."

On Shaq Thompson:"I think he helped with one of my camps one time up here. I have been around him several times and talked to him a few times. He is a guy that I loved watching play at University of Washington. He is a superstar. He made so many plays on offense and defense while playing running back, linebacker and all the things that he would do for them. Like I said, he is a superstar at University of Washington. He was pretty unbelievable to watch. Every time I turn the TV on around this area, Shaq is on TV somehow. It will be fun to be able to play against him. Obviously, he is a tremendous talent and a guy that has worked his tail off to get to where he is."

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll

On how Jimmy Graham is fitting in with the Seahawks:"There has been a focus to get him the ball because he is such a good player. We get it. He's got 21 passes so far and we are just going to keep working it. I think it will happen more as we continue to work together and all. He has been great. He has been a great teammate, worked his tail off and worked on his blocking. He is improving in all phases and we are really excited about him. We just have to get him in the middle of the action a little more than we have."

On Ron Rivera's comment about having similar offenses:"Well, there are some similarities. They do a lot more stuff than we do. They are more diverse in their run game, their stops and their quarterback runs a lot more, quarterback-type runs. We pose a similar threat like they do. Of course there is some of that and we do work on it some. We are just trying to hold onto it when we are playing you guys. We think Cam (Newton) is an extraordinary player and the scheme that Coach (Mike) Shula is putting together is very challenging and diverse. It really taxes us so we have a lot of respect for playing these guys."

On why he thinks the Seahawks have been successful against Carolina:"I don't know. We are just trying to do the best that we can and try to hold it down. We try to keep from striking it dead with all the big plays that Cam is capable of making and then continue to threaten you with. We have had probably good fortune in that regard."

On where he thinks the Panthers are in terms of turning the corner:"I think they are really good. The fact that they have put together four straight wins is so important for their confidence and their sense of what they are capable of doing. They are doing it on defense and taking the ball off of their opponents and doing so many good things as well as running the ball. You know, we really respect that kind of model. That is kind of how we are. We know it is a good way to put together a winning formula. They are talented. I have always thought that Jonathan Stewart is a really difficult player to play against since he came out of high school. I have great respect for his ability. He pounds it up at you, Cam does his thing and Greg (Olsen) is all over the place catching balls. It is a really good offense. Ron (Rivera) always had good defenses. Getting (Luke) Kuechly back is another great boost for them. I think as they put this thing together, they should feel like they have a great chance to have a big season and a really good team."

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