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Opposing View: Panthers vs. Eagles

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

On the usage of Connor Barwin as a quarterback spy on Cam Newton last season: "Well I think we faced a different Cam (Newton). Cam had an ankle injury last year. He looks like he is very healthy this year so I think the game will express itself in a different manner just because we haven't spent a lot of time looking at last year just because I don't think Cam was at 100% last year when we played them."

On playing against Newton: "He is obviously a legitimate dual-threat quarterback and he is just so big. He is different than any other dual-threat that is tough to kind of corral, a Russell Wilson. Russell presents a whole different set of issues but with Cam, you may have him and hit him but he isn't going down and then he explodes out of there and you better have somebody being on top of him to contain him a little bit because he is a dangerous threat running the football."

On what impresses him about what Newton is doing right now: "I think he is playing within their system and he is making really clutch plays at a clutch point in time. You know, you look at that fourth quarter against the Seahawks last week and finding Greg (Olsen) and understanding coverages and I think he is throwing the ball really well right now. He is a complete quarterback and that is the thing that is scary. He can beat you with his arm and with his legs."

On what he's seen in Jonathan Stewart since his time with him at Oregon: "He is a lot bigger than he was in college. I mean, he is a tough, tough, tough guy to tackle just because he is so physical, in terms of size and the power that comes with it so I think he is really suited for the game in the National Football League. That has a tendency to wear defenses down and J. Stew is that type of guy where you can kind of pound the defense with him."

On WR Jordan Matthews' effectiveness last year: "Jordan is just a tough matchup in the slot for people because some people play smaller nickel players and Jordan is a big receiver in there. A lot of people play smaller slots so the smaller nickels match up. Jordan is a big, physical guy but he can run so he can be a difficult matchup for people. But again, it's how the game expresses itself and how people choose to defend us tells us where we're going with what we're doing. We're very multiple with the decisions our quarterbacks can make post-snap in terms of where the football is going."

On how Sam Bradford has gotten comfortable in his first season with the Eagles: "Just through experience. Obviously got here last spring, but wasn't cleared medically to play during the spring so he spent a lot of time in the film room with our quarterbacks coach just grasping the offense but then the doing part didn't really come until preseason camp when he was really cleared to play full-go as we got back here in August so it's just a matter of piling the reps up and giving him more situations where he can just get a better understanding of what we're trying to do."

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin

On his effectiveness last year against the Panthers and playing the spy position against Cam Newton: "Well, I think obviously there are a lot of factors that go into that. I think there was some great coverage in that game. We were playing at our stadium. I think we got some great pass rush from some other guys and that allowed me to just kind of do my job. Cam, did he have an ankle or a rib or something last year at this time? Something like that. I'm sure there are a lot of different factors that all played into it."

If he sees a difference in the Panthers offensive line from last season to this season: "Yeah, for sure. Obviously, there is a huge difference. I think there is (two) new guys which, obviously make a big difference. It looks like they've had the same group all year and are really executing well. They are running the ball well and then they are doing a great job, kind of protecting Cam (Newton) and letting him make plays on the field."

On tackling Newton: "He's a big fella! He weighs about as much as I do and he's about an inch or two taller. He can run, obviously can make big plays and right now he looks really confident with the ball and is running really well with the ball."

On winning two straight and if they feel momentum: "I definitely believe in momentum but momentum can switch from series to quarter to play and obviously week-to-week. So momentum is a tricky thing that can flip on you either way for good or bad. For us it's about improving every week. Obviously, we got off to a slow start and we won the last two weeks but still made a lot of mistakes, and for us it's about being a better football team each and every week. Obviously we have a huge challenge against your Panthers who have been playing well all season long."

On the Eagles' front seven: "We without a doubt think we have one of the best front sevens in the league. I think we do a great job as a group stopping the run, and then obviously when we rush together I think we can be very effective in the pass rush."

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