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Carolina Panthers

Opposing View: Panthers vs. Packers

On Aaron Rodgers and the latest news:"Our plan is for Aaron to play, but just like anybody that comes off an injury, you need to go through the preparation phase of it. We're going about our business as if he's going to play."

On if the game plan changes with Rodgers back:"I think the general philosophy, we all understand where we are in the season. 14 games in the season, you are who you are. There's not a whole lot of secrets and on the flipside watching their defense, I think their defense is probably one of the best we're going to play all year. You look at their experience and talent and cohesiveness of how they're playing. There's not a whole lot of surprises at this point and it's no different for us. It's 11 on 11, we need to build off the things we accomplished over the last month and apply it to this game."

On the Panthers defense: "I think they're playing extremely well up front. I've been so impressed with their front, both in the run defense and pass rush. I think their safety play is excellent and their corners are fairly new. I really like those guys and the energy they play with. They're well coordinated and well coached, you see that in discipline and drops in coverage. They challenge us schematically and play a lot of fronts, a lot of different pressures. They're keeping us busy."

On Julius Peppers: "Julius Peppers is special in so many different ways. It was a privilege to have him a part of our program here, not only for how he plays the game, but he's so professional. He took ahold of the leadership role in his time here. I can't think of too many guys besides Julius Peppers that can command the respect he was given in his time here. I think the world of him as a man, he's a class act and a great Hall of Fame player. He found the fountain of youth and he's playing extremely well. His tape has been excellent."

View photos from the week of practice leading up to the Panthers' game against the Packers.

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