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Opposing View: Panthers vs. Saints

Saints head coach Sean Payton:

On if Drew Brees can go into a game without practice: "Well, I don't think his plan or our plan would be for him to prep all week without throwing. I think he was smart and we were smart to pay attention to where he is at on Wednesday. I would expect as the week progresses that could change"

Confidence level in Luke McCown:"Number one, we are in the business in our league now of it being pretty common with guys stepping up if others are injured. Luke is an experienced guy. He has played in big games. We played against him when he was at Tampa Bay. Again, if I start jumping into hypotheticals then all of a sudden I am reading about where I think Luke is playing or what not. I think our thought, Drew and the training staff all think there is a really good chance he is playing for us. Luke is an accomplished player. He is clearly on top of what we do offensively and would be ready if the time came."

How well the Panthers run a zone read package in their offense compared to other teams:"I would say they are right up there at the top and it starts with Cam (Newton). He does a really good job with his decisions on the end. I think they have a great idea scheme wise of what they are trying to accomplish. If you aren't on point with your eyes and your gap, it can really expose you. That happened to us a year ago at home here"

On Cam Newton's ability:"He is extremely athletic and also very competitive. He knows how to win. That is the first trait you are looking for in your quarterback is if he is a winner. He understands what it takes to win each week. Sometimes, that can vary but that is the one thing that you see in him. That was a pretty amazing play"

Saints tight end Benjamin Watson:

On his role with team now that Jimmy Graham is no longer there:"Taking more snaps. Looking at the film I'm obviously out there a little bit more, actually a lot more in some circumstances. So as far as my role I think it's just kind of expanded the number of plays that I'm taking. I'm doing a little bit more in the passing game, still doing a lot in the running game as I was before so it hasn't changed that much except that I'm taking more reps."

On expectations of him coming into the season replacing Graham:"I don't think it's a matter of any of us trying to replace anybody. Any time there is turnover on a football team, which happens every single year, the team is going to field eleven players no matter who it is. So, it's not necessarily about replacing somebody. Teams' identities change with the personnel. So what they expect from me is to be someone who is consistent, which is what I've been since I've been here, to be a leader on and off the field, to be dependable, to contribute in the passing game as well as the blocking game. So those are the things that I'm going to do."

On playing against Thomas Davis:"It goes back to college. We are great friends and have the utmost respect for each other on and off the field. I respect him so much for the things that he has done in the community as well as being a man, being a father, being a husband and all those things that we pride ourselves on outside of the game. It's always a challenge going against him as a player because he is a phenomenal player"

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