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Panthers in the Power Rankings: Week 11


Here's where the Panthers stand in various power rankings following their Week 10 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Panthers rank: 10th (6th in NFC)
Previous rank: 11th

NFC South: Saints 4th, Panthers 10th, Falcons 12th, Buccaneers 25th

Beyond the numbers: Elliot Harrison puts the Panthers back in the top 10 after falling out three weeks ago. He said the drop came when the offense looked woeful against the Bears, but Monday night everything offensive coordinator Mike Shula dialed up worked to perfection.

Panthers rank: 10th (6th in NFC)
Previous rank: 11th

NFC South: Saints 3rd, Panthers 10th, Falcons 11th, Buccaneers 22nd

Beyond the numbers: The Panthers' run game has struggled in recent weeks, but against the Dolphins the offense eclipsed 200 yards rushing. If the ground game keeps going, Carolina will keep winning. 

CBS Sports

Panthers rank: 8th (5th in NFC)
Previous rank: 9th

NFC South: Saints 5th, Panthers 8th, Falcons 11th, Buccaneers 24th

Beyond the numbers: Pete Prisco says the offense got it going against the Dolphins and can enjoy some time off with the bye week. Also, the defense is still nasty.

Yahoo Sports

Panthers rank: 9th (6th in NFC)
Previous rank: 10th

NFC South: Saints 3rd, Panthers 9th, Falcons 10th, Buccaneers 28th

Beyond the numbers: Frank Schwab points out that Jonathan Stewart turned back the clock on Monday night. He was averaging fewer than three yards per carry, but totalled more than 100 yards against the Dolphins. A positive sign for Stewart and the Panthers. 

Bleacher Report

Panthers rank: 4th (3rd in NFC) 
Previous rank: 8th

NFC South: Saints 3rd, Panthers 4th, Falcons 12th, Buccaneers 28th

Beyond the numbers: Chris Simms believes the Panthers are one of the best teams in football. They have great size and strength on both sides of the ball, and when Cam Newton plays well, the offense is almost unstoppable. 

View the top photos from Panthers vs. Dolphins by team photographer Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez and second shooter Andrew Dye.

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