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Panthers in the Power Rankings: Week 3


Here's where the Panthers stand in various power rankings following their Week 2 victory over the Buffalo Bills at home.

Panthers rank: 16th (8th in NFC)
Previous rank: 23rd

NFC South: Falcons 4th, Buccaneers 10th, Panthers 16th, Saints 25th
This week's opponent: Saints 25th

Beyond the numbers: Elliot Harrison is impressed with Carolina's defense. Losing Greg Olsen certainly doesn't help the Panthers' offense, but the defense is what is winning the team games.

Panthers rank: 13th (7th in NFC)
Previous rank: 11th

NFC South: Falcons 1st, Buccaneers 11th, Panthers 13th Saints 23rd
This week's opponent: Saints 23rd

Beyond the numbers: The ESPN staff isn't worried about Cam Newton and the offense. It'll come around, but in the meantime, this is only the third defense in the past 30 years to allow six or fewer points in the first two games of the season.

Panthers rank: 13th (7th in NFC)
Previous rank: 15th

NFC South: Falcons 1st, Buccaneers 8th, Panthers 13th, Saints 26th
This week's opponent: Saints 26th

Beyond the numbers: Pete Prisco acknowledges that the Panthers' defense is off to a fast start, but says Newton doesn't look like himself.

Yahoo Sports

Panthers rank: 10th (5th in NFC)
Previous rank: 11th

NFC South: Falcons 2nd, Panthers 10th, Buccaneers 14th, Saints 26th
This week's opponent: Saints 26th

Beyond the numbers: Frank Schwab thinks the Panthers are still trying to figure out how to use their new weapon Christian McCaffrey. It could be a reason the offense isn't clicking through two games.

Bleacher Report

Panthers rank: 14th (7th in NFC) 
Previous rank: 17th

NFC South: Falcons 2nd, Buccaneers 12th, Panthers 14th, Saints 20th
This week's opponent: Saints 20th

Beyond the numbers: Chris Simms believes Newton looked more comfortable in the offense in Week 2 despite not scoring a touchdown. However, now the challenge is protecting Newton. While he's one of the biggest and most physical quarterbacks in the NFL, taking a lot of shots is worrisome. Don't worry about the defense though, they look like they did two years ago.

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