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Panthers in the Power Rankings: Week 9


Here's where the Panthers stand in various power rankings following their Week 8 victory to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Panthers rank: 13th (6th in NFC)
Previous rank: 16th

NFC South: Saints 8th, Panthers 13th, Falcons 15th, Buccaneers 28th
This week's opponent: Falcons 15th

Beyond the numbers: Elliot Harrison illustrates the Panthers' season as peaks-and-valleys. The journey continues, except this week Carolina controlled NFC South rival Tampa Bay. Cornerback James Bradberry shut down wide receiver Mike Evans when lined up on his side and the defense made the Buccaneers look silly on third down.

Panthers rank: 12th (7th in NFC)
Previous rank: 19th

NFC South: Saints 9th, Panthers 12th, Falcons 13th, Buccaneers 24th
This week's opponent: Falcons 13th

Beyond the numbers: The ESPN staff points out that Newton takes a lot of the blame for the Panthers' struggles, but it's the running game that's the most worrisome. Carolina's running backs are averaging a measly 2.8 yards per carry.

CBS Sports

Panthers rank: 13th (7th in NFC)
Previous rank: 17th

NFC South: Saints 7th,  Falcons 10th, Panthers 13th, Buccaneers 28th
This week's opponent: Falcons 10th

Beyond the numbers: Pete Prisco notes that the offense didn't click, but behind the defense they did enough to beat the Buccaneers. They'll need to score more points against the Falcons.

Yahoo Sports

Panthers rank: 10th (7th in NFC)
Previous rank: 13th

NFC South: Saints 6th, Falcons 9th, Panthers 10th, Buccaneers 28th
This week's opponent: Falcons 9th

Beyond the numbers: Frank Schwab says it's wildly understated how important linebacker Luke Kuechly is to the Panthers' defense. With him on the field, Carolina is a completely different team.

Bleacher Report

Panthers rank: 9th (5th in NFC) 
Previous rank: 8th

NFC South: Saints 3rd, Panthers 9th, Falcons 13th, Buccaneers 27th
This week's opponent: Falcons 13th

Beyond the numbers: Chris Simms believes the Panthers will be in the NFC playoffs. Their running game is underwhelming, but the defense is special. If the former can find a spark and Newton can eliminate a few of the questionable decisions he makes, the Panthers will be better off.

View the top photos from Panthers at Buccaneers by team photographer Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez.

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