Panthers ratings in Madden 17


The Madden 17 rankings have been revealed, and the Panthers received high marks. The reigning NFC Champions have an 87 overall rating as a team, which ties the New England Patriots for the highest rating in the league.

Quarterback Cam Newton has a 94 overall rating after his MVP season. But linebacker Luke Kuechly is the top-ranked player on the team and in the entire game, checking in with a 99 rating – the highest possible.

"Cam should have been easily a 97 or 98," safety and avid gamer Tre Boston said. "If you give Luke a 99, which he deserves, Cam is your MVP and you give him a 94? Come on man, that's robbery. Unbelievable."

Also of note, kicker Graham Gano is the top-ranked kicker in the game at 85 overall.

Below is a look at the top-ranked players on the team for select attributes, with some more commentary from Boston mixed in.

Speed: Cornerback Teddy Williams, 93

"Just a 93?" Boston said. "He should be a 98 at least, and then you have to think about Ted Ginn. We all know Ted Ginn ain't no 92."

Acceleration: Safety Colin Jones, 94

Strength: Defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, 96

Agility: Wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr., 93

Catching: Tight end Greg Olsen, 96

Throw power: Quarterback Cam Newton, 97

Trucking: Fullback Mike Tolbert, 88

Stiff arm: Running back Jonathan Stewart, 92

Play recognition: Linebacker Luke Kuechly, 98

Toughness: Linebacker Luke Kuechly, 99

Tackle: Linebacker Luke Kuechly, 98

Hit power: Linebacker Thomas Davis, 94

"Yes, I feel like Luke is the most realistic guy they have on the game. That's realistic," Boston said. "You could raise that hit power up a little higher for TD though."

As for Boston, the third-year safety said he would give himself an 81 overall rating (Madden gave him a 78 this year).

"Next year, I'm thinking I'll be a 91," Boston said with a smile. "That's what I'm looking for."

View images of the Panthers in action in Madden 17.

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