Panthers Revise Banner Policy

Below is a Q&A with executive director of stadium operations Scott Paul regarding the new banner policy, which can be found here.

Why do you feel this was a good time to revise the banner, sign and flag policy?

That policy had been in place for 20 years. The reality is our stadium has evolved over that time, and the renovations have altered the ability of our fans to affix banners. Field wall graphics and the 360 degree ribbon boards on the upper fascia of the stadium are very distinct features that we are proud of, and we don't want them to be compromised.

How big a role did the Green Bay game play in this policy revision?

Obviously it played a role in prompting us to review the policy, but there were internal discussions about the policy beforehand for the reasons already mentioned.

What are the highlights of the policy changes?

Our goal was to simplify the policy and eliminate confusion. Banners, signs and flags now may be no larger than 24" X 24".

Why that specific size?

We want our fans to be able to communicate a message of support without it obstructing the view of fans around them.

Will visiting team fans still be allowed to bring signs into the stadium?

Yes. That was permitted under the former policy with the understanding that the message was football related. The former policy and the revised policy is similar to most NFL stadiums.

How many banners are typically brought to the stadium for a home game?

We see a handful of banners and signs and most are handheld and would already meet the new guidelines.

How do you think the policy changes will impact the fan experience?

We've had unbelievable fan support this year in what we consider one of the best game day environments in the NFL. Our fans have always been loud and respectful in creating a great home-field advantage, and we believe the new policy will enhance the experience for everyone.

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