Panthers to review banner and flag policy

Q&A with Scott Paul, Executive Director – Stadium Operations

What prompted a review of the current policy?

A banner supporting the visiting team was pulled down and damaged before Sunday's game. We want to make sure our policy is clear and serves the best interests of our organization.

Was the banner in question returned or replaced?

We've reached out to the owner of the banner and we're in the process of providing a replacement.

Was the banner approved by security before it entered the stadium?

Yes. The banner was in compliance, with the understanding that no banners or flags expressing support of visiting teams may be affixed to or displayed on any surface.

Why are visiting team signs permitted and will that continue?

We are reviewing our policy. We'd rather not see opposing signage in our stadium, but when this policy was developed it was consistent with the vast majority of NFL stadiums.

When do you expect the policy review to be completed?

We've just begun the process and are working to finish the review in a timely manner.

Do you worry that any policy changes could negatively impact the game day experience for Panthers fans?

We've had unbelievable fan support, which has been a big part of the team's success at home. The reality is that we continue to see very few banners on game day and don't feel that policy changes would in any way impact the atmosphere at our home games.

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