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Panthers Weekly: Wild Card Playoff

The 2014 regular season challenged Cam Newton in so many ways. The battle-tested quarterback is poised for the playoffs. Read more

The latest Ask Bryan features a discussion between Panthers and Cardinals writers about Saturday's matchup. Read more

Experienced Panthers advise youngsters to approach the playoffs like any other game; that was already their plan. Read more

A combination of confidence and speed has helped rookie wide receiver Philly Brown excel in his expanded role. Read more

Take a look back at a special play, player, game or moment from each of the team's 20 seasons. Read more

The video version of Panthers Weekly sets the table for Saturday's game:

Players in the locker room talk about the challenge Arizona presents:

Rookie wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin ready for his first playoff game:

Video mailbag takes a look at Carolina's ability to keep its momentum:

Watch how the grounds crew has flipped the field several times in the last month:

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