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Philly Brown Q&A

On being a step ahead with so much carryover on offense: "That's not the attitude that we're bringing into this camp. We're trying to learn the offense as if we don't know it – start from scratch and take care of the little things, because that's what got us beat last year in the Super Bowl. Hopefully we can thrive past where we were last year on offense."

On having Kelvin Benjamin back: "It's great having a guy like him. Big target who can do a lot of things. Just having his energy and his leadership back is good for the young guys."

On gaining weight: "We've done a great job with the offseason workouts – lifting and running. It's transformed well."

On how we gained the weight: "Just lifting. I might have had one vacation. I was here rehabbing for my shoulder, so every day we would lift and focus on meal plans. It's going to help me prevent the little small injuries."

On how big a gain he's made: "Twenty pounds."

On Cam Newton this season: "Just be him. Be the same guy he was – don't change anything. We've got another weapon back for him, everybody is a year older."

On no longer being limited at practice: "Yeah, I'm excited. I hate missing football. I feel like I've been out forever. Not even finishing the Super Bowl, I feel like I haven't played in forever, so I'm excited."

On team's approach to this season: "It's different than last year from the standpoint of no one counted on us to be as good as we were last year. The expectations from anyone outside of us was mediocre team at best. But this year we are at the top and everybody expects us to do this, so we have a target on our back and every team is going to bring it every week because everybody wants to knock us off."


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